Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Rounds

I have developed something of a morning routine in the house. I like to call it the "rounds." German windows have something called "Roll-laden." These rolling-shutters are lowered every night to block the view of the neighbors and keep in the heat. Unfortunately not every one abides by the social rule, which sometimes results in you seeing the neighbor doing his business in the bathroom. (Seriously, dude, close the shutters!).

In the morning you have to raise the shutters by 7:00am to 7:30am. Otherwise you have committed a German social sin and the neighbors will begin to think that you are lazy and sleep until noon. (My solution is to raise them before you go to bed at night, and then I can be lazy all I want and the neighbors do not have to know.)
Anyway, our big 'ol house has a lot of big 'ol shutters. Every morning I make the rounds. I start in the living room. As I go from window to window, I also turn down the heaters (or up depending on the weather). I move on to the hall / entrance way, my office, then the dining room and finally the kitchen. Along the way I pick things up or put them away. Sometimes I might even carry around my water can and freshen up the plants. The rounds can take up to 15 minutes, depending on the hurry I am in.

Like I mentioned before, the dining room is BEAU-TI-FUL. All it needs is for me to get frames for my art deco posters and then it is finished.

In answer to a few questions:
The sofa and chairs are almost 20 years old. They were handed down to us by the in-laws when we got married 2 1/2 years ago and could not afford furniture. I did not like the how worn they looked, so I threw some sofa and chair covers over them. We can now afford furniture, but the furniture store that I ordered it from in OCTOBER is holding it hostage.
I have no idea why they built a house that does not have stairs into the basement.
No, I still don't have Internet at the house, but the Telekom "says" that it will be installed today.
What do you all think about grey bathmats in the Green bathroom?


PapaScott said...

You care what the neighbors think? Sorry, as an American the neighbors already think you're strange, whether you raise the shutters in the morning or not. :-)

(But then again, what do I know? We have no neighbors who can look in our windows. And we don't have any rolling shutters.)

Isabelle said...

Claire, the dining room is gorgeous! I love it! And running around opening the roll-laden? Every morning? To hell with that.. I'll make Mizi do it. Hehe. Thanks for the warning.. he's going to love you.

Anonymous said...

My Dear over-worked Claire {mabe I'll revert to Marie}. Why would you roll down the "shutters" in the dining and living rooms? Or do you have something going on there that would be shocking to outsiders???
I had a loonng talk with your mother yesterday, and she said that they are coming to help me celebrate the big birthday in April. I can't figure what the big deal is. I also found out what those "sheets" on the sofas are all about.

I think that your lovely house looks just lovely, but I still can't get over a cellar that isn't accessible from the inside. Especially since it looks like the garrage is part of the basement.
Maybe I'll see for myself some day.

Love to you and all the Krauts!

Mike B said...

I tend to keep the shutters down, and yes, my neighbors did notice and rang the bell one day to see if I was OK ... I just happened to be sleeping in til noon that day, so I pretty much fit the bill.

How about bright yellow or orange?

Carrie said...

Well our neighbors think we're Dog and Beth- you prob don't get that show but I'm sure you've heard of them- totally not us. And then when they see me bringing in the double header in one hand and the love swing in the other, they really start to wonder. haha! And I have NEVER closed the shades in our master bedroom since I've lived here, so I'm sure the neighbors are wishing I would invest in curtains....oh well, who cares what the neighbors think?!?!?!

Carol said...

LOVE the diningroom! And ya know, I really miss roll-laden. Almost as much as I miss German windows that open on vertical and horizontal hinges!


Haddock said...

I have a version of the rounds as well. I think the German style of shutters is excellent. Very good for keeping the light out when I am working nights! :)

kat said...

House looks lovely! Do the roll blinds really help with the heat? I could use some of those for my house!

J said...

Lovely dining room!

I don't have blinds or even curtain on my windows (I don't like them). However, the only window in my bathroom is a skylight so nobody can see in.

christina said...

The dining room is gorgeous, Claire! And yes, the neighbours DO notice if you put your blinds up or not. We have them on all our windows and on our terrace doors but our house isn't that big so it doesn't take me long to open them all in the morning, thank goodness.

Hope you get internet soon. We need more house posts!

Anonymous said...

Have ou finnished your "rounds" yet??? Today is 2/26/07 in case you haven't noticed.