Monday, March 19, 2007

Beautiful Women with Balls

“There is truth in the words that we speak; these words from women.

We often know not the path that we follow, and yet every day we place one foot in front of each other in a determined manner. We are, in some way, certain about our path. There is an outcome. A resolution. It is our job to find it.”

I wrote the above at 4am on Sunday after many hours of chatting, eating and drinking. Forgive me if it does not make any sense. Also, the title of the post was HILARIOUS at 4am after many cocktails.

This weekend I met with 10 women. They were 10 VERY different women who share one common reality. We have left our country in order to seek to explore the unknown, and yes, this usually involved a man.

They were also beautiful and intelligent. Seriously, the plot to take over the world that we hatched is totally going to work. It was a ton of fun and it was also a bit life affirming to be around so many women who experience many of the same things that I do. However, I do think I shocked them a bit. Sorry, gals. Although my blog is rated PG-13, I am most definitely not.

You will find the cast of characters below. Next week I am going to be doing a little fiddling with my blog in order to add more linky love to these awesome ladies. Go visit their sites. Do it now!

I also finally met J! I am a fan of his site and one day will convince him to leave the beauty of the Rheinland for the . . . well, something . . . that is the Oldenburger Muensterland and teach for my company. Hopefully we will finally make it to that baseball game.

Christina G., The One with Child

Ann, The One who Gets Locked In

Maria, The One who Makes Fantastic Brownies

Tatiana, The One who Really Needed a Break

B, The One who is Hip

Jessica, The Young One (and fellow ND grad; you hang in there sweetie!)

Mausi, The One who it Always a Treat to See (Seriously, why don't we see each other more often?)

Kim, The One who Makes Me Want to be and do More

Jen, The Hostess with the Most-ess and who I might be developing a Girl Crush on

Christina W., The One Who Went from Philly to a place that Doesn’t Have DSL (it actually makes C-burg seem not so bad)


Jul said...

So jealous I wasn't able to be there this weekend! Next year...

christina said...

Claire, dude! You are just so awesome, and it would take a lot more than that to shock me. ;-)
I just checked and if you live where I thought I remembered you said you lived it's a bit over 2 hours to get there. I'm am SO coming to your birthday party.

J said...

It was great to meet you, Claire. Coincidentally enough, I'm a big fan of yours.

Add me to the bday party list :)

Tatiana von Tauber said...

I needed the break. Not the sickness! Though, the way you looked in the morning, Claire, I thought it would be you hanging over the toilet. Guess Jen was right, I'm a rookie.

It was great meeting you and thanks to YOU by the way, miss Claire, we stayed up so late. Had you not gotten so creative at 5 am we'd all have an extra hour of sleep!!! Ok, maybe not. Jen was still on a "boney". :-)

look forward to meeting up again!

jess said...

You have to tell me where exactly you live and when your bday is again. i know you told me like a kazillion times. during cocktails. so there. tell me again. :) I wanna come! and there was no shock to me. bring it on :)