Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Claire's US Culture Tour 2007

Let's take a look at how my "to do list" is going.

1. Drink many lattes "to go:" Check
2. Yell at HUGE SUVs trying to get into my lane: Check
3. Go into store to shop and then promptly turned around because I was overwhelmed by all of the choices: Check
4. Sit with my coffee in the morning and watch Katie Meredith, Matt, Ann and Al: Check
5. Watch Billy Ray Cyrus on "Dancing With the Stars": (sadly) Check
6. Mindless chit-chat with the check-out lady (the German thinks this is stupid, I call it being friendly): Check
7. Don't stop talking about how 20 years ago the neighborhood and town had more trees but they keep building strip malls and taking down the trees: Check (seriously dudes, STOP with the strip malls)

Things still to do:

8. Go shopping at 10pm (just because I can)
9. Eat local food (including shrimp and grits, chicken dumplings, peach cobbler)
10. Go to Target to buy a ton of stuff that I don't need for my big 'ol house
11. Hit the beach


hexe said...

Got to love Target! So much better than Walmart.

Christina said...

Eat a bite of peach cobbler for me! I love (and miss) all the different varieties of cobbler!

(I miss Carolina barbeque too)

vailian said...

Yeah! Target! My second-fav store in the US after Home of Economy in Grand Forks, North Dakota.

kim said...

OMG, #10 is definetely my favorite. i would put that on the list at least five times. how many 1$isle-changes will you be able to check out??? my second favorite would have to be #1. even though you can do that here more and more... :) enjoy the rest of the vacation!

Carrie said...

You forget- go to a bar, yell "I'm on vacation damn it" while eating a bar burger, taking shots of red headed sluts and smoking cappy cigs....oh and of course catching midgets to steal their underwear. Oh wait, that's men, scratch that last part.

Anonymous said...

Clairechen, I miss you!! Your big ol' house here in Wildeshausen is so empty without you! I am so glad to hear that you are having fun, though! Safe travels to FL! Hi to Matthias too!

Hugs aus deinem Haus :)
Ch-ard und Smarty

Carol said...

Oh come visit Seattle! It's just a hop-skip-jump from anywhere in the US! (I wish...)

Glad you're having fun! Check out the Target Dollar Store!


Jacob said...

I have to agree on the shrimp and grits, plus the she-crab soup is pretty good and very Charleston/South Carolina.

I do have to disagree on the peach cobbler and Target. I guess being from the Midwest does bias me in some respects, but I always preferred Meijer to Target. And nothing beats blackberry cobbler (peach is still good, though).

jessica said...

yes to number 6!!! and to target. ooh la la je suis tres jelause. and i can't spell jealous in french. sounds like a great trip!

EuroTrippen said...

I clicked comments to proudly proclaim my love for Target, but everyone beat me to the punch!

*lynne* (azlynne1972) said...

"8. Go shopping at 10pm (just because I can)" LoL! I hear ya! That's one thing I doubt I'd ever get used to if I lived in Europe! Gotta love the 24hr Meijer / WalMart type places here :-) Though I do miss the 24hr mamak [indian, kinda] restaurants in Malaysia the likes of which will probably not exist in the U.S. :-(

p/s: happy Lost Blogs GBMC anniversary! :-)

Maria said...

Ooo... Target! I think I went about 10 times in three weeks! OK-- maybe five, but still-- considering the nearest Target to my parents' place is about 40 minutes away, that is a task!

My Brand New Swiss Life said...

What is it about Target that it beckons every return visit to the States? Just so many things, so many varieties of toothpaste, so MUCH! And snacks as you shop! Genius!
Don't forget to buy Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. If you like that sort of thing....

Blythe said...

Last time I visited the States, I was there for 6 weeks and I think I went to Target every day. I'm not kidding. It's an addiction.