Monday, March 26, 2007

Dumb and Dumber

Travelling used to be one of my passions. Whenever I was off to a new destination, I could hardly wait to organize every detail. Because of my excitement, I would begin packing at least a week in advance. I would open up the suitcase and place it in the corner of the room. I would make lists of documents, toiletries, and outfits that I wanted to take. As the week progressed and my departure date approached, I would place things in the suitcase and check off my list as I went.

These days are gone.

Last Thursday (only about 20 hours before my departure), I was watching TV when Ch-ard turned to me. "Have you packed yet?" "Umm, no." At 7:45pm I went upstairs. At 8:10pm I came back down and announced, to no one in particular, "Finished!"

But I was not finished unfortunately.

When the German and I arrived at the Hamburg airport on Saturday morning, I realized all of the things that I had forgotten to pack: my ATM card and credit card for my US banking accounts, my US drivers licence, the stash of cash that I keep so that we can get coffee in the U.S. airport. Since we arrived Sunday, I have also discovered missing shorts and socks. Oops.

Personally, I blame the stress of the past few months. My attitude for the past two weeks has been, "Screw it. It will all work out." And, frankly, it usually does. During our trip, the German started to make fun of me and my forgetfulness. Do not worry, his head will not get too big. We paced the hallway in the Hamburg airport looking for our gate.

German: I am telling you, it is B19.

Claire: And I am telling you, there is nothing at B19. Let me see the tickets.

Claire: B19 is your seat assignment, dummy.

Ah, yes. I have forgotten how great travelling with the German can be.

As you may have gathered, we arrived in one piece, if somewhat tired. It was very long trip, but good. I must give Air France an "A" for in-flight service. The seats on the Airbus were slightly bigger. The food was actually good, and there was a lot of it. On my screen I watched three good movies (Casino Royal, Stranger than Fiction, Dreamgirls). There was not even that much turbulence. Unfortunately to fly Air France means flying through Pairs. Flying through Paris means that with 99.9% certainty your plane will be late and there is a distinct possibility that you will lose your luggage.

Since arriving I have done . . . absolutely nothing. Yesterday was the hottest May March 25th (Thanks, Dix!) ever in Charleston: 89 degrees (32 in Celsius?). The German called his mom this morning. She excitedly told him about the beautiful, dry 16 degrees they had had over the weekend. She had no idea that we could top that.


J said...

Relax all you can. You deserve it.

Dixie said...

Heh. I think you mean March 25th. You KNOW that May 25th in Charleston can get much, much hotter than 89 degrees.

Glad you arrived safely. Have a great visit!

Maria said...

I'm glad you made it in one piece. My newfound attitude towards packing (in the past year or so)-- If I don't have it, I will go buy it. Of course, with no ATM or credit card, that becomes difficult!

Tatiana von Tauber said...

Add kids to the equation and packing takes on a whole new dimension. And, I must add the wunderlust fades, which also contributes to delayed packing (night before). I used to carry 3 suitcases for 2; now I carry 1 suitcase for 3. Simplify, simplify, simplfy!
Hope you have a relaxing time...and watch the "boneys".

Amy M said...

because I am always forgetting things, I keep an "american wallet" and a "german wallet" -- that way, before I travel to the US, I don't have to run around looking for things like my license and money - I just have to remember to grab that, where did I put it? :-)

Isabelle said...

Glad to hear you both made the states safely! Hope you have a great visit.. If I weren't preparing for my own move (and the Carolina Cup this weekend) I'd be in Chucktown too.. especially with the beautiful weather!

Haddock said...

Have a good time. Forgetting credit cards is always a bummer, but a least you didn't forget your knickers! :)

Carrie said...

Haha! You now sound like me! I knew you would eventually come over the other side. To make you feel better- Sunday I lost my wedding band, which the dog drug around for a day and then deposited on the floor next to the bed, I flooded the bahroom upstairs which cascaded downstairs, I almost caught the kitchen on fire which wasn't as bad as Aaron catching his friend's house on fire b/c he threw a cigarette in new mulch AND I broke my toe which of course you can't do crap about b/c it's a TOE!

Monday was a better day!

ann said...

would you believe i had similar bank card related difficulties?!

hope you are surviving your return,