Friday, March 23, 2007

Leaving on a Jet Plane . . .

. . . coming back in 14 days.

It just doesn't have the same ring, does it?

Tomorrow the German and I are flying to the other side of the big pond for some much needed R&R. In order to save money we usually fly into a major airport and rent a car and drive to the nearest parent, friend, or relative. This often leads to an insane 6 to 7 hour car ride after a 7 to 8 hour plane ride. This time we spent the extra 50 Euros and we are flying directly into the small airport in my hometown, Charleston. Well, it is not really "direct." Tomorrow I have a 24 hour odyssey from Hamburg to Pairs to Atlanta to Charleston. We will see if it was worth the 50 Euros.

Mother Nature pulled a fast one on us here in Northern Germany. After a week of beautiful spring like weather, it is 3 to 10 degrees again and gray. I was so happy last night to see that it is 27 degrees and sunny in Charleston. I packed two bathing suits.

Unfortunately, not everything is smooth sailing these days at the 'ol Manor. Mom and dad-squared are going through a rough patch. Not their marriage, mind you, but there is definite drama swirling around the house. Hopefully, none of it will stop my five days of sleeping followed by 5 days of beach time. Yes, that is all I want for my vacation.

I am worried about my family these days. As with the majority of bloggers, about 75% of my life never shows up on this blog. It is personal and private. I will tell you personally at 3am after cocktails, but not the entire universe. But it is definitly something on my mind and also a factor in my lack of posts lately. I usually blog about what is in my head that week, and this is in my head, but I cannot write about it.

Anyway, I will be blogging from the states, so don't worry, I am not going anywhere. In fact I am thinking of a re-design and maybe changing the name of the blog. I am worried that I will lose my archives if I do this. Anyone have any tips?

. . .

You did not think I would leave without a sofa update, did you? We got a letter last week from some furniture repair company. The letter indicated that we are their customer. Really? Don't remember signing up for that service. They "informed us" that they will be coming by the house to inspect the damaged love seat. They did not ask for an appointment. They told us they we coming by. Yes, of course they are coming by when we are on vacation. The German wrote a nasty letter "informing them" that we are not their customer, they cannot come by and they should give us a call if they want any information. Seriously, I thought the letter was a bit harsh, but the German is in fine fighting form. There may be no stopping him.


christina said...

Have a great time, Claire, and try to relax despite the family stuff. It'll all work out. You're right, there's so much going on in the background that (most) others never hear about.

Re: sofa. I wonder if you could just break the contract "wegen Nichterf├╝llung" and start fresh. I guess you have to go through the whole "we'll try to repair it twice" shtick first, eh?

kim said...

have a great time back home. i'm sure it's a lot harder to deal with family issues if you're far away. or not. anyhow, i hope things will look up for you soon. oh and maybe you can bring some of that weather back here when you come back. that'd be nice :)

Haddock said...

Have a good vacation and enjoy the weather :)

hexe said...

Hope you have a safe and relaxing trip. If the weather in Florida is any indicator, you'll be using the bathing suits.