Friday, March 16, 2007

Signs That I am Getting Old

This past week my mother called for a friendly chat.

Mom: "So, then we went to Target to get "*&%ews" for the dog but I wound up spend a lot of money on other things."

Claire: "You went to get what for the dog? Jimmy Choo's??"

Mom: "No, moron. Dog CHEWS."


Commuting Stinks . . .

Literally, it stinks. We were blessed with the most unbelievable week here in Northern Germany. It stopped raining. The sun came out. The temperature reached that lovely point where all you need is a sweater and a light jacket. It was fantastic for five whole days.

Unfortunately, the weather was also great for the farmers. Every farmer in the region seemed to use the weather to prepare their fields for planting. Out came the tractors and the shit machines.

My 20 minute commute from Cloppenburg to Wildeshausen, as well as my other daily treks to Damme, Essen-Oldenburg and Garrel, is filled with air borne land mines. As I drive down the highway the most awful and pungent odor hits me. For about 10 minutes yesterday I held my nose while driving.

Beware of the "honey wagons." You may see one from afar and think that you are safe from its stench, but about 3 minutes later after you have passed it, the stink gets to your car. This delayed reaction is something like lightening and thunder. I wonder if counting the seconds will tell me how far away the "honey wagon" is?


And Still No Sofa

Just a little update about the sofa story that never ends. The furniture company sent out a guy to repair the love seat on Tuesday, March 6. The guy shook his head when he saw the problem and the attempted to use some glue to repair it. That, as anyone can imagine, did not work. They could not fix the love seat at the house so they took it with them and promised us our love seat on Saturday, March 10.

Oh, yes, they did show up. Unfortunately, the "repaired" love seat looked worse than before it broke. The repairman pounded the piece in too hard and now you can see the peg underneath is sticking out a bit. Also, he used some sort of glue that left a spot on the fabric. According to German law, I have to give the supplier one opportunity to make it better. Dude, one strike and you are out.

The delivery guys on Saturday immediately called the office. They told us to keep the love seat and that someone would call us on Monday. We never signed the delivery notice. Of coarse no one called on Monday. The German called on Wednesday and they said we "might" get a replacement love seat. Um, "might?"

I spoke with my lawyer buddy and we now have enough reasons and documentation to break the "Kaufvertrag" (contract to buy the goods). Strangely enough, the German does not want to do this. He wants to stick with the company and see how long it takes to get everything correct. He is using our sofa sorrow as an example in his business economics class. I always knew that he was not right in the head.

Nobody at the furniture company returns our calls. I told the German that they do not take us seriously. I order to get real answers it is time to go to the mattresses. I suggested a letter on my lawyer buddy's letter head. We may give that a try.

My 30th birthday is in August. The goal is to have the furniture by then. Be sure to follow the updates!


A Weekend with the Girls

Jen is sponsoring a girls weekend down in Bowltown (see link below). In 8 hours I am getting on a train and heading down. The German was a little sad this morning, but I told him that 48 hours is a short time. He and Ch-ard are going out tomorrow night for St. Patty's. I doubt I will be missed.

Jen promised me lots of drinking. I certainly hope so.


J said...

Hi Claire,

I can't seem to find your email addy on your blog. Could you please email me? website AT jbittner DOT com

Mike B said...

You remind me I need to update my blog with our sofa experience. Makes one wonder where German companies really send their sofas, if they ever existed at all.