Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Time Flies

So, Claire, did you make it back to the U.S. in one piece? Yup.

Did Air France loose your luggage? Amazingly, no.

Did Air France convince you that 40 minutes is enough to change terminals during morning traffic at Charles de Gaulle? Yes, and they are wrong.

Are you so busy that you are not posting? Actually, no.

Although there is much English teaching to be done, I have not posted in two and half weeks (or three??) mostly because I got a bit lazy. My vacation was SOOOO good that I did not want it to end. This has resulted in too many more calories that I don’t need, sleeping late, and reading novels (I have finished 4 in three weeks), and many hours of mindless television.

The weather here has also been warm, which has driven me outside to the . . . umm . . . garden. I do not think of it as a garden, but more of a weed infested bed that will probably drive me nuts all summer.

But I HAD to post today to prove that miracles can and do happen. Look! It is my sofa!!

Isn’t she pretty? They delivered it on Saturday, as well as the bill. This made me chuckle. They are not getting any money out of me any time soon. There is still the problem of the broken love seat which was improperly repaired.

I thought a small celebration might be in order, so I am inviting a few friends over this weekend. My friends and I do not need much to be entertained: the new grill and Trivial Pursuit, the drinking edition. Unfortunately, the lack of customer service in Germany is once again thwarting my plans.

I ordered some fabulous new drapes from a local store. They are the kind of place that will send a “decorator” over with some samples. This “decorator” is supposed to measure the windows and give me “advice.” Actually, he mostly insulted my taste. But, I digress. I ordered the drapes at the end of February. The German called last Friday to find out what the heck is going on. Although they took a message, no one called us back. (I am noticing this problem in Germany. No one ever calls back.)

Yesterday morning, I took a stroll over to the store to see about the problem. Wouldn’t you know, the “decorator” was on duty.

“Decorator:” Oh, yes, Ms. Smith. Your order has come in and is sitting in the back.

Claire (a bit confused): Then why haven’t you called to make an appointment to deliver it?

“Decorator:” We have been SO busy. Let me take a look at my calendar. Doesn’t look good. In two weeks we might be able to do it.

Claire: Um, no. I am having a party and need them by Saturday afternoon. I finally got my furniture and I even picked up my posters from the framers. I want my drapes.

“Decorator:” Ms. Smith, you should have called if you wanted them.

Claire: I did. Well, my husband anyway.

“Decorator:” Oh.

DUDE! Where is all this German efficiency that I keep hearing about? And another thing, these drapes are NOT cheap. I can feel another long series of blog posts coming on. Sigh.


kim said...

wohoooo! for the couch. and you let them wait for their money AT LEAST as long as you waited for the couch. i don't even know how long you had to wait for because i haven't read your blog for that long... glad you're back safe and recuperated (as it sounds) :)

Anonymous said...

Well!! At long last!! You are still among the living. ok, so much for that. I'm so happy that you are back and happy. I know you're happy because you sound like everything is back to normal. I'm looking forward to seeing the Summerville people later this week.

Love Grandpa

Dixie said...

You need to rent my MIL. If someone is supposed to call her and doesn't, she'll badger the crap out of them until they give her an answer. She nearly made a furniture store owner cry because he wouldn't get his act together about fixing her bed that wasn't right when it was delivered. When my livingroom drapes weren't delivered on time my MIL called the owner of the shop at home on a Sunday to get that stuff straight. That little old lady will wrestle shop owners to the ground if necessary.

I tell ya, she lives for that sort of thing.

christina said...

You're back, and yay on the sofa! About time too.

Oh yes, we had some of that not calling back nonsense with the kitchen and the husband was furious and sent a formal letter of complaint. Also, they charged us an extra EUR 15 for a piece of molding that they never actually delivered and when Mr M mentioned it, snooty-snoot Frau "Diplom Innenarchitektin" said "Oh, we're not going to fight about EUR 15 now are we?" and we said "Oh yes, we most certainly ARE!" We did eventually get it back. You must be firm with these people. :-)

Carol said...

It's a beautiful sofa, Claire! Good to see you back!


Carrie said...

Wow! I think it would have been easier to buy the drapes in the US and have them shipped. Actually I think having them made and shipped from Mexico might have been easier.

vailian said...

Very funny! But I have to say, although the Germans are not as eager to sell as the Americans, the Handwerker --when and if they do show up--are generally well trained and clean up when they are done.