Friday, April 27, 2007

Time for a Change

Today I called in sick to work for the first time ever. Well, I mean cancelling an English lesson. I am in a little pain, and I am currently waiting for my doctor's office to open. I can hear my mom from across the Atlantic, "If it hurts, go to the doctor immediately!" Yes, I know.

Anyway, sitting in front of my computer is mildly comfortable so I decided to make a few updates to the blog.

First, although the website address is the same, I have a new title! "Cheeseburgers and Sauerkraut" is a reference to the cultural mix that is my life. Sometimes the combo makes you ill, and sometimes it is the best thing you have ever tasted. It is also the name of the novel that I want to write and never find time for.

Second, please note a very new VIP. I am co-teaching an English training seminar in Friesoythe, Germany. The class is an intense 240 hours in 6 weeks. I set up a blog for the class and every Thursday every student must write something. I do not edit the content, and the grammar only a bit. Go over and have a look. The title is Tongue Twister , which is how many of my students feel about English. Maybe leave a comment or two. They are trying really hard and it would make their day.

Third, I have deleted the blog "My Euro-American House." I decided that I have my hands full with one, and frankly I usually talk about the house on this blog as well.

Fourth, I have updated my list of favorite blogs to include "The Women." Some of them I met at Girl's Weekend and some are old friends. All of them are awesome.

Time to run to the doctor's. Stay tuned. Today is a two post day with a very special dedication coming up.

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J said...

glad to see you're blogging again. Hope you feel better soon :)