Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Tongue Twister (aka: Ch-ard Has Problems)

I have come to a rather upsetting conclusion. My life is boring. Very boring. I get up. I go to work. I come home. I eat things that are not good for me. On Tuesdays I watch Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy. On Wednesdays I watch ER and Weeds. On Thursdays I watch Germany's Next Top Model . . . Yup . . . doesn’t get more exciting than Heidi Klum telling girls that they are inadequate.

Thank God, Ch-ard is here, because boy, he has some blog worthy stories.

Last week a Ch-ard flew back to the US on a top secret mission. (It’s his secret. If you want to know, ask him.) However, in order to save money, he booked a ticket leaving from Amsterdam. Getting to the Amsterdam airport should be easy given the great train connections around here (enter dark tone of foreshadowing).

A few weeks ago he went to buy his train ticket. Deutsche Bahn is getting very expensive, but the amazing station agent got him a great deal.

Agent: Now, this ticket is non-refundable and if you miss one of your connections, then you’re up the creek. And I’m not talking about Dawson's.

Naturally the agent didn’t actually say that, but in my version of the story he does. And naturally the Deutsche Bahn managed to be late and last Tuesday he missed his connection in Enschede. There he was. Ch-ard. Stranded in Enschede at 11pm and facing the distinct possibility that he would miss his flight.

He, of course, did what anyone would do. He took a 180 Euro cab ride to Utrecht to get a train to the Amsterdam airport . . . and you thought that you were having a bad day.

After a quick and daring mission, he arrived home on Monday. A few days in the States and massive jet lag will mess with a person’s head. Yesterday he went with me to Friesoythe to teach a class. He decided to go to the café and get A LOT of coffee.

Ch-ard: I’d like a Kaninchen (translation: bunny) of coffee, please.

The waitress grinned a mile wide.

The waitress responded, “I think you mean a Kännchen (translation: small pot) of coffee.” And then she proceeded to tell all of her co-workers.

Ch-ard’s language issues did not end there. On the way home from work we stopped at Subway for dinner. I ordered my sub and spoke with the man behind the counter in German. Ch-ard asked for a chicken sub. I have no idea why, but the man grinned and responded to Ch-ard in English!

Sub-guy then went through the steps our subs and the entire time spoke to me in German, but Ch-ard in English. We left the place a little confused.

I blame it on the fact that Ch-ard was wearing his white tennis shoes.


Carol said...

Ya know, I think we all assume our lives are boring. Hell -- I posted a video of a walk through our back yard today. How boooooring can you get? And yet, people on the other side of the world seem to think my world is interesting! It's still a mystery to me.

And truly, I DO like to read about your world. Doesn't seem the least bit boring to me! I look forward to it.


christina said...

A Kaninchen of coffee! I love it!

christina said...

P.S. My life is so boring that I often fall asleep right in the middle of Grey's Anatomy on Tuesdays. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! I reckon my German is pretty pathetic at this stage too but funny that Chad (who was always so good at German) cannot go unnoticed any longer!
Enjoy the Summer Claire, stop working so much and come on a visit to Ireland! Love

Eimear said...

Here, here!!! (To Aoife's comment that is)-I thought that german-english thing only happened to me -Try ordering a fancy coffee in Starbucks in Koeln-only to have the server respond in English.

Dixie said...

Kaninchen! I may never get over that! Hysterical! Oh that sounds so much like something I'd do.