Friday, June 22, 2007

Movin' On

No, I am not moving on, but Ch-ard has.

Last month Ch-ard went on a top secret mission to the U.S. Essentially he had a job interview. Which of course he did fab on. And of course they gave him a job. And now he has moved on to lovely Washington State.

Ch-ard lived with the German and I for four months. He taught English lessons for my company and helped in the garden. Watching him leave last Sunday was a bit odd, and this week I have had to get used to him not being here.

I must admit that it is nice to have alone time in the house for the first time ever. I can walk around naked and commune with the house and actually make it feel like it is mine. (No, I do not actually walk around naked . . . or maybe I do . . .) However, the house has a distinct empty feeling to it now and it is VERY quiet. Also, I have had no stories to post this week, and frankly I blame him.

The German and I miss Ch-ard a lot and wish him all the best with his new job.


Anonymous said...

Being the old-fashioned person, I'm glad to hear that your boarder has gone. It just didn't sound right for you to have an old friend staying with you in your first house. After the BIG party, things are finally starting to settle down around here.

Love to the both of you!

Carol said...

He moved to Washington State? Where-abouts? Is he working for a great big software company that begins with an "M"? He'll love Washington -- and showing up at the beginning of summer is the best way to go!

If he wants some links to Seattle blogs, ask him to contact me! There are some good ones.


Carrie said...

No interesting stories? Wanna borrow some of mine? I saw a gay George Washington this week.

Anonymous said...

I miss you guys! I hope I wasn't so loud when I was there, I mean, if its very quiet now :) I hope you're well!! Thanks for everything! I couldn't ask for better family. LOVE YOU! Chad