Thursday, July 26, 2007

As Time Goes By

This past week, we have celebrated a few more "three's." Sunday was my third wedding anniversary and today is the German's thirty-second birthday. Unfortunately, I committed a bit of a wife faux-pas. Two weeks ago I told someone that our anniversary is the 26th and the German's birthday is the 22nd. The German just starred at me, "Um, no honey, it isn't." Can you imagine!? I am making these mistakes after only three years! It can only be down hill from here. However, it was probably destined.

Flashback: July 2004

The German and I spent the first four days of our marriage in a hotel in South Carolina. We went to the beach, saw family, went to the movies, and relaxed. On July 26, I had to make the most difficult journey of my life (thus far), both emotionally and logistically. After our wedding in South Carolina, I had to travel to New York City with my new husband and in-laws. Although I left home for college when I was 18, leaving this time was very difficult. I felt captured by the Germans as I drove away from my parents home in van packed with all of my worldly possessions. Preparing to leave your home is emotionally draining, so I was not looking forward to leaving.

On July 26, four days after the wedding, the German and I met my mom and dad-squared at a diner for breakfast. The entire morning I had been quiet and withdrawn. When we got to the diner, my mother gave the German a big hug. "Happy Birthday, sweetie!" she said. I just starred at my new husband. I had totally forgotten his birthday! (There was a slight reversal in roles this week. My mom called on Monday convinced that my anniversary is the 23rd.)

The German and I spent our special days doing . . . absolutely nothing. We treated ourselves to dinner at our favorite restaurant for our anniversary, and today I promised not to complain about him playing soccer tonight (which is actually convenient, because it leaves me time to blog).

My feelings of captivity have certainly subsided in the past few years, well except when we bought the house. Every day I look at my husband with a bit of wonder. No matter how annoyed I may be by something he has done, I am always amazed that someone so special, kind, funny, smart and sexy loves me. For example, although it was his birthday, he made a very lovely lunch which was waiting for my when I got home. Also, I am constantly discovering something new about him. All of this makes living in Germany just a bit easier.

Happy Birthday, honey, and I hope you have many, many more.


christina said...

Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday Claire's German! You guys have come a long way.

Carol said...

What a sweet post -- and what a lovely photo! Happy last-anniversary-ohne-KIDLETS!


KennethSF said...

You too look so adorable. It's nice to know that, once in a while, Cupid can still deliver.

In case you're wondering how I stumbled on your blog, I was researching The Cult of The Amateur by Andrew Keen, which you referenced in a previous blog. I'm thinking about recommending it for our book club. I figure, whether we agree with him or not, it'll give us a thought-provoking topic to dwell for a few hours.

Debbie said...

Nice pic :-)

I have the same prob with the dates. My hubby is also a 22nd-born guy (November) and we were married two days prior to that. I can never remember which date is what... the 20th or the 22nd!

Anonymous said...

Claire, it's "stared", not "starred", you have made that particular spelling error several times on your blog, and it really grates on my nerve. Didn't you mention that you have a PhD?

Anonymous said...

That looks like a three year old picture, correct?. I hope "the German" had a nice birthday. If I had known when it was, I would have sent a card, maybe.

Love, Grandpa

Claire said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Claire said...

Dear Anonymous,

The editor thanks you for your comment and will take it into consideration.

Yes, I have a PhD . . . but not in spelling or in literature. I type very fast and do not often proof read. Sorry that you were so upset Anonymous. Expect more spelling errors to come. My suggestion . . . stop reading.


(a not so perfect PhD)

April said...

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hexe said...

Happy Anniversay and a Happy Birthday to the German! What a sweet post.

Carrie said...

Um, didn't you guys have a wedding in Germany too? So does that mean you have 2 wedding dates? OOOOOOhhhhhh- 2 aniversary gifts! I'd milk it! And you have a bun in the oven, so that means you are intitled to forget something every so often as well as make as many dern spelling mistakes as you want. I mean, come on, if I can do it, so can you....and my degree IS in English!