Wednesday, July 11, 2007

We're Goin' a Party Like it's my Birthday

Lately I have been feeling a little . . . old. Well, not so much old as . . . grown up. You see, in exactly one month, on August 11, I will be 30 years old. The big 3-0. And honestly, it is freaking me out.

The German noticed my funk a few days ago and we talked about it. As I reflected on my feelings, I realized that turning 30 is tied to all of the changes that have taken place in my life in the past few years. In the past four years I have: lived in Germany, gotten engaged, moved back to the U.S., gotten married, moved back to Germany, finished my PhD, changed careers, opened my own business, bought and renovated a house, opened a pension fund and gotten pregnant. Yes, I have been a bit busy.

Claire: Does this mean that it is all over? Am I a grown up now?

German: What do you mean?

Claire: Well, the time for new adventures and exploring is over. Now it is all about work and driving kids to soccer practice.

German: Don't worry sweetheart, I will help you find new adventures.

And because I have one of the best husbands on the planet, he and I booked plane tickets for a four day weekend in Ireland next month.

So, I have decided that although I might be grown up, the time for doing things is not over. Therefore, I will be kicking my birthday in the butt and partying it up . . . without alcohol of course.

I am inviting my ex-pat blogger buddies (and any buddies far away who want to see me again) to my "3 is a Magic Number" Party.

When: August 11, 7pm
Where: My home
Why: The German will be 32, it is our 3rd wedding anniversary, and I will be 30

If you are interested, please send me an email and I will send details. I have a guest room and an air mattress. Everything is on a first come, first serve basis.


Debbie said...

I know everyone else will say this too, but 30, while pointing out that you are indeed getting older, is not that big of a deal. Astrologically it's at the end of your big "Saturn Return", where you've assessed your life so far and probably cried over all the things you should have/could have done better and how soon you'll be 30 (!) and still haven't done yadda yadda yadda. But once you're actually 30, it's just not a big deal. Wait until you're 35 then to freak out about the looming 4-0 ;-)

Rositta said...

Oh, I remember 30 well, I had a major flame out and changed careers. Now I'm staring 60 in the face and have stopped freaking, so to speak. I will be in Germany but not until September and I will be hanging around Wiesbaden, where I was born...have a nice day.

Carol said...

Take it from a 50-year-old, much good is still to come! In fact, I'd venture to say that, when you're 50 and you look back to the great moments of the past 20 years, MANY of them will be AFTER 30. In fact, I can ALMOST promise it to you!

If it were a month later, I might be able to take you up on the party offer...


christina said...

Claire honey bun - the adventure is just beginning! You'll see.

I'm going to e mail you pronto to get details and then see if the ment can do without me in August. Actually, they keep asking me when I'm going away again. :-D

Carrie said...

You know I turn 30 this year as well and everyone has been expecting me to freak out. I'm actually OK with it. The major reason why is now I feel like I have the money and experience to actually do all those things I've wanted to do but never did because I was either too young or too broke to do. Besides, our generation is way to busy and exciting to become "old"...whatever that is. I have a feeling you and your "best husband in Germany" (I would say world, but my husband is the best in America.) will have plenty more adventures. I mean come on, you are about to become Mumma Claire...hrm sounds like an adventure to me. And there are always going to be babysitters available for you guys to unload the kid(s) on when you want to go out...but if you become the Germna version of a soccer mom and I will have to sit you down for a heart to heart. Stay away from the Starbucks!

Anonymous said...

Dude I hear you on the 30 trauma. For some reason, it hit me like a ton of bricks, mainly because I have to check off a new box on all government forms. Plus on a good day I still feel 21...and on a really good day 16 :-) But actually once the day comes and goes it isn't that big of a deal. It made me feel like an adult with some perspective.

As for adventures, they keep coming so long as you keep seeking them out.So far my 30s are hella better than my 20s which I never expected.

Wish I could come and party down with you. I know you'll have a blast!

Sparky said...

Happy Birthday, Claire - and happy belated Birthday, unknown German!

womanwandering said...

Oh lordy lordy, I do wish I had realised what this post was about, writes the 42 year old in denial.

I've just gone through a rash of this birthday with expats friends in Belgium and I was devastated.

30 is 30 and you're beautiful at 30, older than 20 something, younger than 40 something and knowing more about who you are and what you want.

Don't worry, it never happens to some people, I'm still fairly adult-free. Ask my Belgian.