Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Babies, and Bottles, and Booties, oh my!

I have not written that much about my pregnancy on the blog, because . . . well, there is not much to say. At this point (week 16) there is not much to do but wait. I guess all-in-all that makes mine a typical pregnancy.

Last week I did outgrow almost all of my clothes. I have one pair of jeans and two pair of linen pants that I can actually still button. The rest I use a rubber band to keep closed. I outgrew all of my blouses and button down shirts about two months ago. I live in pull overs and polo shirts now. Because of this sorry state, I decided to go have a peak at maternity clothes. And what I discovered, was not pretty (both literally and figuratively).

First, I went into a shop that had kids clothes but I had often seen some maternity clothes in the windows. I found some rather nice looking pregnancy slacks. "These might be perfect for work," I thought. And then I saw the 89.99 Euro price tag and left them right where I found them. Second, I went over to H&M, which what my only friend with a baby recommended to me. I found a few cute tops and some more jeans. At only 29.99, I was more in the mood to buy. I picked up a pair in my normal size (42: hey sizes are different here!) and went to try them on. I could not even get them over my thighs. I got so depressed that I put them back and walked out of the store with nothing.

I would like to point out that at 4 months, I have only gained 10 pounds, which my doctor says is just fine. In fact, I have gained it all in my stomach and my chest (which is now huge; I am afraid of what is going to happen when the milk comes in). The German actually thinks that I have lost weight in my face, neck and arms. So riddle me this, Batman. Do pregnancy pants exist in a different universe where size means nothing?

I have also started to read extensively about pregnancy and childbirth. It freaks me out a bit. If I don't eat my vegetables one day, I panic that my child will have a neurological disorder. If I drink a cup of coffee, I am afraid that the kid will have ADD. After reading that sleeping on your back puts pressure on your circulation including your aorta (holy crap!), I did not sleep a wink.

The German is very good about calming me down and we both agree that if I continue to worry, then we might as well set up the therapy fund for the kid right now. Although, most of our money will be going to other things for the kid in the next few months. Because, what people don't tell you - kids are freakin' expensive! And I am not just talking about pregnancy pants.

Out of curiosity, the German and I went into "Baby World" the other day. Choices, choices. There are cribs and bassinets, strollers and car seats, play-pens and swings, changing tables and wardrobes. I saw a really nice stroller: 450 Euro. Yup, I will always pick out the most expensive thing in the store. Babies have start up costs equivalent to those of starting a company. Actually I think the start up costs for my company were lower. However, we are going to bite the bullet and get what we need (and I want). I was a hand-me down kid, and so out of principle I only want shiny, new things for my child. Don't worry, I am sure that will go away after the first 1000 Euro is gone.


PS I have registered a car before in the States. So, I do know what it involves. For those wondering, we actually DID have proof of insurance when we went to the DMV. It just was not the specific proof that they wanted to see. What we SHOULD have done was call our insurance agent when we moved. We got the damn Doppelkarte in the mail today and with it a list of stuff that you need to register your car. We are headed to the DMV tomorrow.


Megan said...

I have a hard enough time finding stuff now that fits me (and my football shoulders). I find the prospect of maternity clothes simply daunting. My sister-in-law loved those belly bands from bellybutton. You put it around your growing belly and it covers the rubber band holding your pants together as well as whatever peeks out between pants and shirt. She got a lot of extra mileage out of her things that way. Maybe that can help you squeeze more serviceability out of yours too?

Maria said...

You need to order from Gap and have your family send it over. ;-) Or have them swing by Target... the Liz Lange line rocks.

Oh-- and the 450 Euro stroller is definitely NOT the most expensive stroller at Baby Walz... LOL! Welcome to the baby world!

I'd be happy to send you anything you want from the US while I am here.

Carrie said...

Claire- If you want me to go to Target for you, let me know your sizes and I'll mail you some cute clothes. The prices are not that bad and they won't make you look like a retarded elephant. You can reimburse me later...or order them online, have them shipped to my house and then I can mail them to you. I'm sure that would be cheaper.

essie said...

I've been blogging with J at Germany doesn't Suck, and B at Eurotrippen and saw your link.

Take your friends up on Target (and I reccommend Old Navy too)-the maternity clothes there are good enough quality to get you through and not make you feel like all of your clothing choices are limited to unstylish mumus! Very affordable, and easy to clean! I was a pregnant Momma back in the early, early 90's and trust me...nothing cute to wear back then!!

Good luck, and don't worry too much, it is a crazy time-but amazing as well! Listen to your German, and enjoy your shopping ventures!


MollyB said...

For nice maternity clothes: sew them.

A few sewing lessons with a decent dressmaker, a simple pattern or two and some good quality fabric, and you'll be amazed.

The Muehli's said...

IKEA over here has some really great baby furniture in their new catalog...and the prices don't seem so bad.

We're not in the market for it ourselves yet but figure we will be soon. I'm really appreciating hearing about your experience over here since it kinda freaks me out lol. But at least I already have a dr who speaks English :)