Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Letter

Dear Little Dude,

I have noticed that some bloggers use their websites to write letters to their children. These posts often contain words of wisdom and touching moments of illumination. I have to admit that although I can provide fleeting moments of illumination, they may be few and far between. And right now, well, it is not one of those moments.

I am writing because we have a little problem. A few weeks ago I felt you move for the first time. Those butterflies in my stomach took flight and I was so excited to know that you are doing okay. Unfortunately, you have not really stopped moving around since. This is becoming something of a issue.

Do not get me wrong. I do not want you to stop kicking. It is a relief to know that you are growing. Also, Werder Bremen is in desperate need of a forward and your birthday just might save their season. However, I am hoping that we can come to some understanding about the time of the kicks. It seems that you like to get your groove on (with my bladder no less) when I want to go to sleep. This is bad.

Mommy can be very grumpy when she does not get the sleep she requires. Just ask daddy about his snoring. It is not pretty. So do you think that you could tone it down just for a bit in the evening when I want to go to sleep? I would really appreciate. I am willing to trade you all the kicking time that you want during my hour commute to work. Now that’s a good deal isn’t it?

With much love,
Your Mom

PS I really am very sorry about over doing it with the onions on Saturday. I know that they upset you like they upset me. But I blame daddy. He is such a good cook, I could not resist.


Anonymous said...

Greetings from Brooklyn.

Isn't Werder's forward Miroslav Klos... Oh, that's right. He plays for Bayern. Das ist Schade.

Good luck with the pregnancy.

Maria said...

Oh... it just gets worse! Wait until you are sitting there, belly sticking way out, and he starts moving... out of the corner of your eye, you can see your stomach moving. It'll startle you! ;-)

christina said...

LOL! Oh yeah, the bladder thing. Has he had the hickups yet? That's REALLY fun. I also noticed that the times when mine were really active in my belly (like at 2 a.m., thank you very much!) were also the times they were raring to go when they finally got *outside*.

Rich said...

Hi Claire!! Great letter to baby. I am sorry to disappointed you, but my little guy is going to get the forward position with Werder. There is lots of opportunity in the midfield with Frings and Baumann both out. I wish you and your boy lots of luck. Take care Claire.

jen said...

i could hear your voice when i read this. so funny.

Haddock said...

Onions are always good! :)
Werder have a womens team now. Guess who the Juniorette wants to play for! :)

Mike B said...

You do read these letters to the baby, don't you? Glad to hear he's a football star in the making.

Carol said...

Too cute!

And... JUST WAIT! :-)

(And try it all with twins... hoo boy!!)