Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Show the World What You Got

Two pregnancy posts in a week? One right after the other? Well, it is a very special post today.

I went in for my check-up today at the doctor. I drag the German with me each and every time because I think it is important for him to be a part of everything. He protests, but I think he secretly likes it.

At 18 weeks and 3 days, every thing seems to be fine. My blood pressure remains normal, but I am still having some problems with my iron. The doctor says to keep taking the pills. I mentioned that my headaches have not disappeared. After some discussion, it appears that my migraines are aggravated by the low iron, tiredness and hunger. Which means I have to eat and sleep more - two things that I love to do.

The doctor took us into another room today and did a Doppler ultrasound. We got a very good look at the baby, who is currently "standing up" in the womb (i.e. feet down, head up). In the very first picture we got an excellent shot of the bottom of the baby and the feet and legs. The doctor smiled, and so did we.

Doctor: Do you want to know what you are having?

He did not really have to ask, and neither did we. The picture was pretty evident. We said yes anyway.

Doctor: Well, it looks like a boy to me.

It looked like a boy to everyone in the room, actually. I can never tell anything on these pictures, but there was definitely something between the legs. The doctor did remind us that nothing is 100% certain, and that we should have another look next month.

The doctor wanted to get some better shots and measure various things, however the kid was not cooperating. A few times, he whispered, "Settle down." This made me start giggling and seemed to agitate the kid even more.

The doctor did get his pictures and everything looks fine and the kid appears to be healthy. However, the doctor needed to get some measurements of the blood going into my placenta. At least that is what I think he said. For some reason, women's anatomy and birthing were not covered in my German class. The German did his best at translating.

The doctor printed out a 3D picture of the baby's face. He is very cute. So there you have it. I am going to have a son. There is a little penis growing inside of me right now. How science fiction like is that? On the way home, the German would not talk to me. I was worried that he was disappointed, as he thought it was a girl. It turns out that he was just annoyed that I was right. If anything, I think he is plotting our son's soccer career as I am typing.


EuroTrippen said...

Aww, congratulations!! And now when you pass Baby Walz you'll know to think blue...

christina said...

Whooo! A boy!! I was right too. I'm going to go eat cookies now to celebrate, and you should too.

Dixie said...

How exciting! I had a feeling it was a boy too. And he'll be here before you know it!

Carol said...

A boy!!! Know what the great thing about boys is? They ADORE their mommies!! At first it's completely obvious and gives you warm fuzzies daily. Then at some point, they're more quiet about it because, after all, it's not exactly coooool. And then, around17 or 18 (or 30), they overtly ADORE their mommies again!


PS -- I thought you were gonna announce TWINS!


Anonymous said...

I just had a boy seven weeks ago and I am also plotting his soccer career, although I am hoping he goes the route of Bayern, not Werder Bremen.

Good luck from Brooklyn, NY.

ChristinaG said...

Congratulations! Our Germans are so alike. Mine even likes to claim now that we named our son after Oliver Kahn (NOT TRUE!) and that he's going to be a star footballer (that would be okay).

Haddock said...

Congrats on that eveything is going well. I always went to the Frauenartz with Mrs H for her checks when she was pregnant with the Juniorette. I found it fasinating and very difficult to see what the ultra sound was supposed to be showing.

I sure your son will be a Werder fan and when you pass Baby Waltz think Gruene-Weiss! :)

MollyB said...

So where's your little man going to play soccer, and what position?

Lizz E said...

Awww I love the baby posts! And I totally thought you were going to announce twins too!

Now go eat something decadent and take a well deserved nap. The kid has got to rest up before his soccer premier!

Maria said...

Ah... now the penis will rule your life too! ;-)

P.S. Watch out for a little Mannekin Pis. My foot got wet just the other day!

Isabelle said...

Well Claire, I guess from now on you'll be outnumbered and overruled 2-to-1.. Michael & I send warm congratulations to you & the German..