Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The 3rd Whiney Expat Blogger in Germany Meet-Up

The date has been set. People are buying their tickets. Every one is getting ready for the The 3rd Whiney Expat Blogger in Germany Meet-Up. It will take place in Dresden on November 17 18, 2007. You can find details here.

I am afraid that I must report that I will not be able to attend. I teach an intensive English class on Saturdays. It was SUPPOSED to be finished November 10. However, because I am going to the U.S. in October, I have to make-up a few dates.

I am really bummed. This is what happened last year. I wish I could skip the class, but baby needs a new pair of shoes (and a stroller and a crib and a car seat and a changing table, well you get the idea).

I am wondering about a meet up in the spring; perhaps here in the north. That way, we don't have to wait until November again. Also, the north is very nice in April. Anyone interested?


J said...

That's a total bummer.

As far as a Mini-Meetup goes, you probably know that I'm up for one - even if it's in the north. All of my weekends in April other than 12/13 are open.

Or, I'll probably be in Muenster on Christi Himmelfahrt (1 May - we get screwed out of a holiday next year) so 3/4 May would be great for me.

christina said...

Nooooooo! to you not being there. What a drag. But ýes!!! to a northern meet-up in the spring. I think we could get a lot of people interested in that.

Carol said...

This is definitely a reason for me to come back! :-)


Haddock said...

I wont be there this time either - I have to work as week :(