Saturday, January 19, 2008

Here We Go Again (The Non-politics Version)

That's it. The German and I cursed.

Germans are pretty superstitious about buying any baby stuff before the baby is actually born. There are no baby showers here and when the New Yorker offered to have one for me, so many Germans were appalled at the idea that we decided to scrap it. Their argument, "What if you get all that stuff and then something happens. Think of how upset you would be to come home and see it all." While I believe this may be a good point, I do think that having a few items of clothing and blankets are needed when the baby comes home from the hospital.

Anyway, because of this the German and I put off ordering our baby furniture as long as possible. (Insert creepy music indicating foreshadowing) In November we decided to go have a look and we picked something out. We ordered a crib, changing table and wardrobe for a very good price from a respectable furniture store that is NO WHERE NEAR the furniture store of which we don't speak (i.e. the saga of the sofa). They told us on Nov. 24 that delivery would take place the middle of January.

The middle of January was last week. No signs of life from the furniture store. I called yesterday to see what was up. The woman said that she would investigate and call me back. 30 minutes later I had the following conversation.

Saleswoman: Yes, your order was due in this week.

Claire: Yes, I know. That is why I called.

Saleswoman: Well, I called the manufacturer and they said that delivery will be delayed by two weeks. But, that is okay for you isn't it?

Claire: Well, my due date is in two weeks.

Saleswoman: Oh!

[dead silence on both sides of the phone; we are both woman and thus know that technically I could actually give birth tomorrow]

Claire: So, where is my child going to sleep?

Saleswoman: If you have the baby in the next two weeks, call us from the hospital and we will deliver a bed and changing table that you can use for free until your order comes in.

Claire: Uh-huh.

Saleswoman: I will call the manufacturer back and try to put some pressure on them.

Claire: Yes, you do that.

When I hung up the phone, I actually laughed. Of course this is going to happen. What I did not expect was the German's reaction. He was livid.

German: GET OUT!!!

He could not believe it. He wants to call this week and see if we can maybe get a free bassinet out of them. I wouldn't hold my breath though.


Maria said...

I would laugh, but I know it has to be stressful. My midwife told us to cosleep for the first week or so anyway, because it is so "shocking" to the baby to be out of the womb, and I should nurse him on demand. With as long as it takes them to nurse in the beginning, it was really helpful to hear that from her.

Good luck, and I can't wait to see pictures of the little one!

Anonymous said...

Finally getting around to commenting and I'm hitting a bunch of posts at once so watch out :-)

**The letter to the little one was one of the sweetest things I have ever read. I hope you let him read it one day so he can realize what a wonderful mommy he has!

**I took care of Clare when she was three weeks old for a week and a half and bought some baby furniture. But I did better with her in my bed. However, I second the hubby's plan to get tough with the store. messing with an imminent to be mommy is just not cool.

**I have been waiting for your shower report. I don't have your new address but send it to me and I will send you baby treats. Any excuse to buy cute onesies :-)

**Man you should see this political coverage. It's like my crack. I'm going for Hilary because she won me over in the last debate. I so wish you were around to argue politics!! And I'm actually looking forward to Monday's SC debate. Can you say dork? :-)

Take it easy sweetie and I can't wait to see the new bebe!


ann-ona-moose said...

Your German is better than mine - How does one say, "You do that." in German.

Everything I can think of comes out missing all that is snide and wonderful in, "You do that."

Diane Mandy said...

I've only been in Germany 6 weeks (and have really enjoyed the experience so far), but I've noticed this trend. Nothing ever comes when it is promised. My sim card was promised on days and it took weeks. The same was true for my bank card. In fact, I'm still waiting on my pin number. And as for furniture--forget about it. I hope you get yours sooner rather than later!

Gardner said...

Very hilarious story. Best of luck with the "Ersatzbett".