Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Point

I am there. I have reached The Point. "The Point" is the time in your pregnancy when you just want it to be over; when you go to the doctor and you just want to yell at him, "Take it out!" I am so there.

Over the past two weeks Little Dude has started to sink a little bit, which has made breathing a bit easier. Unfortunately, it makes sleeping more uncomfortable. My back, tailbone, pelvis and hips are KILLING me. I can only sleep on one side for about two hours. Then I wake up and have to roll over to the other side. Rolling over in my sleep is no longer possible. Rolling over entails waking up, propping myself up on my elbows, swinging my weight to the other side and usually grunting in order to actually complete the roll. Is it no wonder that I don't sleep much these days?

Pain and discomfort are just part of The Point. There is also the fact that if I bend over that I might just loose my lunch because of the pressure on my stomach. There is also the increasing fear of actually giving birth. 8 months away has turned into 2 weeks. Holy crap! I do think that "nesting" has set in, and I cannot sit down for more than a few hours. Although, admittedly, moving about and standing is more comfortable than sitting and lying down. This is why women nest.

This is also my last week at work. I have to drive to lessons on Thursday and Friday and then I am done. Well, I won't be teaching and going into the office, but I will still answer emails and take phone calls. I just cannot sit around all day waiting. For example, I have today "off." I went down to the living room at about 6:30am after "sleeping." By 8:00am I was in front of my computer. I cannot help myself I am a work-a-holoic.

Some of my customers keep telling me to "enjoy" the last few weeks. Seriously, I don't know what there is to "enjoy" by the time you get to The Point. And the saying that you forget it all after the birth must be true. Otherwise, I cannot imagine any sane woman doing this more than once.


Maria said...

Wow! Instant flashback! I remember it all too well. Hopefully you don't go two weeks over (yes, like I did!).

Hugs and good luck!

Diane Mandy said...

My sister once described it as feel as though an alien had taken over her body and she just wanted it back. Hope you get your body back to just yourself soon!

Carol said...

As horribly huge as you feel, don't forget to take pictures! Looking forward to that hasty post that says "I'm in labor!" And the one after that...


Rositta said...

When you start madly cleaning your house and scrubbing floors you'll know it will be soon. Me, once it was underway I just wanted to change my mind, of course that wasn't possible...ciao

hexe said...

I hit The Point with both pregnancies. I was never delighted in pregnancy, but that last month was uncomfortable and I was grouchy. Just like Rositta, I tried to change my mind once it was underway - told the nurse I was going home and tried to get out of the bed :)

Do what you want from now until little Dude arrives because soon it will all be about him.