Friday, January 18, 2008

Watch Your Tongue

Things heard in the past few days . . .


When the German and I go shopping here in Germany, we often speak English with each other. It is usually a sure fire way to keep the sales people away. However, you have to be careful of the other people around you. More people speak English than you think.

Yesterday the German and I were on a small shopping excursion in Bremen. The winter sales have started and the German had an important meeting today. Thus, we had two good reasons to get him some new clothes. We picked out a jacket, pants and shirt. I also really wanted him to get a new tie. We were looking at blue ones and nothing jumped out at us. Next to us was a younger couple also attempting to pick out a tie for the husband.

Claire: Well, you could wear your red shirt. That would look nice. (Claire moves over to the red ties.)

German: Yes and I already have a red tie.

Claire: Yeah, but that one is ugly.

The young couple next to us looked up and started laughing.


Yesterday I saw John McCain trying to whip up support in South Carolina. He presented what he calls his "economic stimulus package." Although he acknowledged some of the financial troubles facing the U.S. these days, he tried to remain optimistic. "The U.S. is still the best economy in the world. The best exporter. The best importer."

Actually, Mr. McCain, Germany is the world's largest exporter.


ian in hamburg said...

..I think Mr. McCain was referring to the export of chaos and destruction to countries they feel haven't been doing it well enough on their own.

Carrie said...

Yep- you guys are going to have to learn a new language.

Diane Mandy said...

So that's why the sales clerks always steer clear of me!

Anonymous said...

Everybody seems to think that they are the world's foremost authority, me included. Hopwever I am the only one that is correct. The U.S. is the worlds foremost exporter and impoprter. It exports more jobs than any other country and products of those farmed out jobs become the imports.

Isn't it poor manners to speak a foreign language in public if you know the normal local language?? At least I think it is!!

Guess who.

Anonymous said...

However, not hopwever. I guess I have big fingers.