Monday, February 04, 2008

It came. It went. Nothing Happened.

My due date that is.

If you check the bottom of this blog, you will see a little marker that indicates how many days I have left in my pregnancy. Yesterday was supposed to be the last day. It was not. I am not overly surprised, as the vast majority of babies are not born on their due dates. However, I was a bit disappointed.

Also, there are no indications that Little Dude will be here any time soon. I have not had any contractions, seen no blood, and not lost my mucous plug. (I know this is a bit gross, but those who have had babies will understand my frustration.) The only thing that has happened is that the baby has dropped. But that is about it.

I think my doctor my have calculated my due date wrong. If you follow the calendar (i.e. day of last period, ovulation, etc.) then my due date is around Feb. 14. On the other hand, ultrasounds do all kinds of fancy measurements to calculate a due date. According to the measurements of my kid's head, he should have been born on Feb. 2. He was not, and I think all it means is that my kid is going to have a big head. Great.

My mom did get here in one piece and thank goodness she is here. I am getting a bit bored and want to work. My mom then starts giving me the evil eye and growling tells me to step away from the computer. She keeps me walking insisting that it will encourage the baby to come.

This is only the second time my mom has been to Germany. The last time she and dad-squared did a lot of tourist stuff in their 9 day trip. This time she is getting a taste of every day life in Germany. She has come to the conclusion that Germans are . . . rude. This makes me giggle.

Last week we decided to take the train into Bremen and meet up with the German for lunch and some shopping. We got to the train station about 10 minutes before the train. We stood in line to get some tickets. There were only two people in front of us, and as the clock ticked, two people got into line behind us. After 5 minutes of waiting, the guy behind the counter indicated that the first two people had complicated requests, and those people who just wanted tickets for the Bremen train should come to the front of the line.

At this point I was standing to the side a bit and talking to the German on my cell phone. My mother went to move towards the front of the line. The guy behind us then shoved my mother out of the way and went to the window. "What the f***?!" said my mother. "Honey, let me call you back," and I hung up the phone.

The guy that was BEHIND us was purchasing his tickets and turned back and said, "I just need a ticket for the Bremen train." This shocked the heck out of me. "Yes, so do we!" I responded. When I translated for my mom, she responded, "Well that is just rude! Where I come from, people have bit more courtesy!" Normally, my mom and I speak English in whispers as to not attract attention, but this time I responded in a loud English voice, "No mom, I think you are right." The man just stared at us, but I think he understood.

He finished his transaction and stepped aside. As my mom and I were stepping forward, the woman behind us tried to push as to the side!!! I used an elbow and said, "One moment please" (in German) and proceeded to buy tickets.

Unfortunately, the rudeness was not restricted to the train station. On Saturday we went to the grocery store. The entire time, people were cutting us off in the aisles, pushing in front of us and grabbing at things. No one said, "excuse me." To top it off, when we went to check out, I decided to back up my cart and move into a different, shorter check-out aisle. I could not really see behind me and as I was backing up, someone came up behind me and decided to get into a different aisle. The woman physically shoved me and my cart got caught into the tight spaced and was rammed into my huge 9 month pregnant belly. I almost fell to the floor because of the pain.

"My God! What is wrong with the people in this country!" said my mom. "Can't they be nice? What about common courtesy?!"

"Mom, common courtesy is a cultural thing. In the U.S. it is expected, in Germany it is considered superficial," I responded.

"Well, send me back to the States then!" After reflecting on the past few days, for a moment I thought, "Take me with you."


G in Berlin said...

I totally agree! Yesterday, we took the kids to the small Karneval parade here in Berlin and adults knocked Thing1 aside to grab candy out of her hands! One woman knocked me to the ground grabbing candy thrown directly at me from my hands (although she apologized and then gave me the candy- I think she was actually embarassed at her actions). The man who knocked my older daughter aside did not apologize and the kids decided they were safer in the stroller than catching candy!
On your late date- I was 8 days late with my first, and that was 8 days later than my real due date (because I knew the date of conceptin) rather that the Dr's due date (a week earlier from ultrasound readings) and my daughter was still only 7+ lbs. Don't worry about it. I went into labor 5 hours before my induction was scheduled.
ow long will your dr. wait? I've been told 2 weeks after due is the longest Drs here go?

Maria said...

Oh Claire! I am so sorry that people are ramming things in to your belly. I was fortunate to have people be extra nice to me while I was pregnant in Germany .. at least towards the end. The docs got my due date wrong too, I think. All those stupid measurements get in the way. Good luck! (P.S. 13 days late, and my baby was still only 7.5 pounds.) Good luck! I check your blog all the time waiting for the "good" news! :)

Diane Mandy said...

Wow. I've only been here a couple months, but have NEVER expereinced anything like that. Could it be a regional thing? I live in the Rheinland Pfalz and people have been very outgoing and polite. Or, am I just on my German honeymoon and nobody told me?

Carol said...

Elisabeth: Due May 11th. Arrived May 26th. Peter: Due February 13th. Arrived February 27th. Aleks and Kat: Due November 15th. Induced (!!) on November 9th.

Believe me, I know how you feel! Patience, my friend...


hexe said...

Hang in. I wish I could say something more encouraging, but having been there I know that not one damn thing is helpful

Rositta said...

Clare, I'm surprised at your experience, truly. When I was last in Germany I found people to be more than kind to me. Maybe it is regional as one commenter said,I was in the south in the Mosel region. Still waiting for that DIL was 14 days late, just the way it is with first babies..ciao

J said...

"My God! What is wrong with the people in this country!" said my mom. "Can't they be nice? What about common courtesy?!"

See? It's not just me! I can't believe that lady pushed her cart into you mainly because you're preg (otherwise it would be a normal occurance here)! I hope your mom gave her a piece of her mind!

Princess Cat's Pajamas said...

I was due on Dec. 15th and ended up making my debut on the 28th... and you probably don't want the rest of the details!

Hang in there...

C N Heidelberg said...

Good Lord, I can't believe you were treated like that! I haven't had any such experience even as a non-pregnant person and would certainly expect better behavior toward a pregnant person.

Some people have told us there's a line at the Main River - it's a friendlier, gentler country below, and a ruder, colder place above. Some of the comments here seem to indicate that it's true, although I've had really good experiences in some north-of-the-Main cities too...

Carrie said...

Were you in Germnay or New Jersey?