Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Stress Test

Yesterday I was in the hospital for a contraction stress test. This test is used by doctors to make sure that the baby is healthy and can withstand the stress of contractions associated with birth. A small amount of oxytocin,(a hormone that stimulates contractions) is given by IV and the baby's heartbeat is monitored.

The good news is that the Dude passed with flying colors, and is just fine. It seems that although he may be a bit lazy, like his parents, he pulls it together when taking a test. The bad news is that I am still f***ing pregnant.

The doctor kept me in the hospital overnight because some women go into labor after this test. I did not / have not. I am home now. Waiting.

Nothing else to report. No blogging MoJo here. Perhaps tomorrow.


Diane Mandy said...

Darn! ANd I was predicting a Valentine's baby. I hope you have a happy one anyway!

Carol said...

I know this waiting, this anticipating. Been there, done that. Twice.

The minutes seem like hours and the hours seem like days and you just want so badly to finally SEE and TOUCH and KISS this little guy! I know it won't help, but... all in good time.



Maria said...

Ooo... I remember all too well the waiting... Good luck! Hopefully he shows up soon!

umarah said...

Hey there.Dont worry at all.I was induced by every way and means right next to my due date(i wanted the baby to come early because my parents were
leaving soon)with no effect what so ever but contractions came naturally on the 11th day past due date and she was ouT just after 5 hrs labor.So hang in there.Its just a matter of days now;)

hexe said...

Hang in - I know, like you have a choice :) At least yours was quiet tonight - we had thirty minutes of a fit tonight and I wanted to return him!

Caffienated Cowgirl said...

I would normally say "hang in there"...but I remember at this point I was ready to kill anyone who told me something like that :)

christina said...

(Thought I already commented but it was most likely on someone else's blog where the comment will make absolutely no sense at all.)

Banana bread. Trust me.

Dixie said...

No baby yet? Shall I come over with the ice tongs?

jen said...

Dude, I have a dyson and I'm closer than dixie. We can pop him on out. let me know and I'll come visit this weekend. seriously. if no baby by friday night, i'll come and we can chat over a guiness or a glass of red winr. that worked for my mom.

I'm just down the block now