Friday, February 08, 2008


Mom and I were walking through town the other day when I heard a very loud, crying kid behind me. We turned around and saw a rather frazzeled mom struggling to push a stroller and manage all of her packages. I felt bad for both her and the child as she pulled to the side of the sidewalk and tried (unsuccessfully) to get her little one to calm down. However, in my head I also thought, "Jeez, my kids will never do that."

Time for a reality check. My child will probably be just as obnoxious and demanding as every other kid on the planet. My reaction will be the difference. Will I remain relaxed and calm or freak out and yell? Only time will tell, but I hope I don't cross paths with a Super-Mom, who will be sure to let me know the right thing to do.

I had the opportunity to be judgemental a few weeks ago. Mom was about to arrive in Deutschland so I went to the grocery store to pick up a few items. As I was pushing my buggy through the aisles, I saw a mom with her (I am guessing) 6 year old. The Mom was chatting with a friend and not really paying attention to the kid. However, I noticed how the kid was facsinated by the apples in the barrel in front of him. I stopped for a minute to observe and watched as the kid picked up an apple, twisted it in his hands, smelled it, took a bite out of it and then put it back in the barrel.

What on earth . . .?? The kid looked up at his mom, but she was still chatting away. Then the kid did it again with a different apple, and then again with a third! At this point I realized that I had two options. First, I could go up to the woman outraged and ask her to control her kid. Now, this would not be uncommon in Germany, where I have been yelled at in public for wearing the wrong shoes. Second, I could go up to the woman and smile and point out the behavior of her child.

However, I realized that both options made me rather uncomfortable. I would not want someone to embarrass me by pointing out my child's misbehavior. Therefore, I choose door number 3 and kept walking but laughing the entire time.


I thought that a photo for Friday would be a good way to end the week and wish you all a good weekend. Carol has asked about a belly shot, and just to prove that I am indeed with child, behold my big belly. This picture is actually two weeks old. I am even bigger now!

The German and I were watching trashy television a few nights ago and a picture of JLo heading to her celebirty baby shower popped up on the screen. He tilted his head, and said, "Sweetie, I think that you should have more self-confidence about your figure. You are definitly smaller than her." This made me laugh. Only when I with child can I be smaller than a celebirty.

For those of you waiting on the appearence of Little Dude, I am afraid you will have to continue to wait. I went to the doctor this morning and the news was not the best. The baby has dropped but his head is still not fully engaged in my pelvis. To make matters worse, my cervix is still completely closed. No effacement. No dialation. Which all means that the birth could still be weeks away. The good news is that the baby is doing fine. In fact, he is getting big and a bit too fine. I think he does not want to come out.

The doctor mentioned the "C" word today. He says that he will not let me go two weeks over my due date, which means that the baby will have to come out by February 17. I got a little upset. Although I am not opposed to an epidural, I do not want a C-section. Even though it is scary, I really do want to give birth. Sunday I have to go in and be hooked up to the fetal heart monitor to make sure the baby is okay, and I have another appointment on Tuesday afternoon. If my situation has not changed, we talk about the other options.

If the weather is good tomorrow, I told the German that I would help him cut down some trees in the yard. Anyone else with some good ideas on how to naturally induce labor?


G in Berlin said...

I was 11 days later than my original due date and for me what worked was schedulling the induction. I went into labor the night before I was to be induced. But I was also walking around for a month at 3 cm. It's all different. All will be good.

kim said...

i'm crossing my fingers for you to hold your little dude rather sooner than later. and through the V-word not the C-word. :)

Carol said...

Sex and nipple stimulation. No kidding; it works!

Thanks for the photo. You look great -- really!


Anonymous said...

Hey Claire-dude,

What Carol said. :D This works way better and is preferable to walking - unless you're highly coordinated and can combine both at the same time. And if you can, plz provide video (kthnx) and can I be your manager?

If it comes to it, tho', plz fear not the C-Word. It's much easier and less painful than Plan A.


christina said...

Nope. Sex didn't work for me.

It was a Sunday and I was 8 days over. What DID work was:
1)having sauerkraut for lunch at the in-laws
2)climbing a whole bunch of stairs afterwards
3)making a loaf of banana bread and eating half
4)having a very warm bath at midnight.

The kid was out by 3 a.m. on Monday. :-)

Give the little guy a bit more time. I think he'll be making an appearance all on his own in less than a week.

Eimear said...

Claire-that is a bump to be pround of. Just keep telling him what a great big world there is out here-that should get the moves under him. Seriously will keep my fingers crossed for you.

Juanita said...

What worked for me (and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone else) was getting the stomach flu. The throwing up for hours started my labor, except I thought the pains were still from the flu. By the time I realized I was in labor, it was almost to late to make it to the hospital. Twenty minutes after arriving there and before they could get a doctor to attend, my baby was born.

J.Hager said...

Hmmm, muscle relaxers? Put headphones on your belly and play little dude some Limp Bizkit. Seriously though, what ever happens you'll be fine and you'll have baby! Our thoughts will be with you what ever the options.

Gardner said...

Well, I can't really compete with with all the great comments from people, i.e., women with real experience.

But, I love reading the blog, and my wife's in the hospital herself, so I'll comment anyway.

My wife's only natural, non-induced labor happened while she was away at a hotel with 25 other women for a scrapbooking weekend. She was in charge of the weekend event. Her water broke around 12:30 a.m.

Our first exchange student and I were totally excited. I woke him up, we made a short video for evidence. I left him with the kids, until our designated friends came over later that morning. He had prom that later night. He was a great kid.

Emma was born by 6:00 a.m. So, definitely scrapbooking and weekend get aways. Not sure which is more critical.

Best of luck, it is a great experience.

Diane Mandy said...

I agree with your husband and think you look GREAT. I actually saw J-lo in concert during the baby buzz and it was quite obvious she was pregnant. The next week, she announced it. I have since seen photos of her fashion sense and am in awe. High heels, short skirts, big beautiful hats-you got to hand it to the woman. She's got confidence. I think if I were ever pregnant, I'd be the sweatpants queen because, well, I already am!

Liz said...

Okay I have no birthing advice but had to chime in and say you look absolutely fantastic! Two things that helped my best friend-who was 9 days over her due date-was sex and mexican rice. I'm not sure in what order :-)

Can't wait to see Little Dude!
xoxo Liz

Carrie said...

Ah, read a book and enjoy the lat few minutes of quiet time you have. I still vote adopting an Asian kid- but that's a little late for you. haha! Tell your mom I said hello....hope she's forgiven me for that bachlorette party thing. ;)

hexe said...

I know you don't want to address the C word but I just want to reassure you that the C-word isn't all that bad. During my first pregnancy, there were some concerns about my blood pressure. We induced, and I pushed and they gave me an epidural (which didn't take - don't ask - it was a freak thing - won't ever happen to you - I promise!) and I pushed some more and NO BABY. After numerous hours of pushing, crying, and periodically yelling, my daughter's heart rate when all screwy and they did an emergency C-word. The kind where they rush you through the hospital while preparing you for surgery. It was nerve racking (I'll tell you the rest post-pregnancy) but my kid was fine and I was fine.

From my perspective, induction, labor, epidurals, and pushing was a horrible, never ending, exhausting experience. When it came time to have my son, even though there were no health concerns, we choose a C-word. I scheduled my delivery, reported in the morning almost like work, and within two hours had baby in hand.

I know people say the recovery from the C-word is harder but I was up and around the next day. I breastfeed both kids and never had a problem. I took myself off the pain medication early for both kids because I really didn't feel I needed it.

I know you don't want to discuss the C-word, but just in case you have to, please know that I really found it okay (and I am a total control freak!). The second one, where there was no labor part, was actually great because I was rested when baby popped out. So in the meantime, go for the sex, nipple stimulation, walking stairs, vomiting, and eating large quantities of food, as suggested above. Just know that no matter what, it will be okay.

christina said...

Is he still in there??