Saturday, March 22, 2008

One Month Later

About a week ago two Jehovah Witnesses came to the door to invite the German and me to a bible reading and a get together commemorating the death of Jesus. The German does not like anyone coming to our door and inviting us to a religious event. He keeps his religion private and prefers that others do the same. After closing the door, he turned to me and said, “I don’t think we will be going there.” Then he looked confused. “What do you mean they are commemorating the death of Jesus? Who does that??”

I smirked. “It is called Easter you non-practicing Protestant idiot.”

Although, to be fair, I can understand that he forgot about Easter, what with the Dude and all. Also, when you look out your window and see this, you might not be in the mood.

Today is also special because the Dude is one month old today. It has been a LONG month. Thankfully the German has had two weeks off from school. He has taken some of the “night shifts” so that I can actually get some sleep.

Adapting to life with a baby is hard. It has been harder than I imagined. I went from being a go-go-go business woman to a professional diaper changer. It is hard being in the house all day with the baby. I have started talking to myself. Next week I actually have to start teaching again. Don’t worry; it is only 3 classes a week.

Honestly, there are moments when I wonder if having a child was a good decision. For example last night at 4am when the Dude fell asleep while eating and then finally woke up and pooped and peed all over me and his changing table and all I wanted to do was go back to sleep. Yeah, kids are not always fun. But then when he was finally clean and full and he laughed and cooed at me and EVENTUALLY went back to sleep. How can I stay mad at such cuteness?

Happy Easter!

PS I do not want to imply that Protestants are idiots, just the German, who by the way is not happy that I shared this story, but I don’t get out much these days, so it is the only thing I have to write about . . . Also, I thought it was funny . . . And in his defense, the German is a smart guy I think the Jehovah Witnesses threw him for a loop . . . But it was still funny.


Maria said...

It is VERY hard. I wrote my own little "I want to give him back" rant last month... :) Little Dude is very cute! :)

The German said...

Meine Vetreidigung!
In letzter Zeit tauchen die besagten Zeugen Jehovas hier oefter auf und ich habe das Gefuehl, die haben nichts besseres zu tun!
So kam es, dass die Zeugen mich vollkommen aus dem Konzept gebracht haben mit Ihrer Einladung zum Todestag von Jesus. (Ich kam gerade aus dem Garten uns hatte die Haende voll Dreeck. Ich glaube ich hatte auch Nachschicht bei "little Dude".)
Sie haetten mich auch nur zu einer Tasse Kaffee einladen koennen; ich haette bestimmt gerne "Nein" gesagt.
Zu mal Sie den Todestag Jesu gesagt haben: Ostern ist ein variabler Festtag, also kein bestimmtes Datum, wie kann man da von einem Todestag sprechen. Eher sollte man sagen Todeswochen oder moeglicher toedlicher Zeitpunkt im Fruehjahr. Da dieses etwas morbide klingt, nennt man es wohl Ostern.
Zu guter letzt habe ich noch eine Anmerkung an die Zeugen Jehovas.
Frage: Wann geht denn das naechste Mal die Welt unter, denn wenn man mich schon zum Todestag Jesus einlaed, dann kann man mir diesen Service doch auch noch andienen.
PS: The Post is funny, and it happend as she said!

ian in hamburg said...

J-Ws are always good for a knock-knock joke or two...

redsimon said...

"moeglicher toedlicher Zeitpunkt im Fruehjahr"

Der ist gut. :D

Robert Lamb said...

Give the Greman a little credit. The Jehovah's Witness was not talking about Easter at all since they don't celebrate Easter. What they comemorate is what Jesus told them to at Luke 22:19, not his birth or his resurrection, but his death which makes it possible for the rest of us to have a chance at everlasting life. Interesting concept, isn't it. The following article from Wikipedia shows that the Easter cellebration is rooted in the non-Christian worship of a Germanic goddess. Who knew?

Carrie said...

I forgot about Easter too...until I tried to go get lunch somewhere and everything was closed.

christina said...

LOVE the German's Verteidigung!

I wasn't sure if the JWs celebrate Easter either but they don't darken our doorway any more. The used to come by once or twice a year until I very politely blew my stack at a couple of sweet old grannies and gave them a piece of my mind, you know, about pushing their religious beliefs on MY private property and such. Haven't seen 'em since.

It'll get easier with the little Dude and the good days will cancel out the bad ones. It's only been a month, after all. Maybe you can find a mothers and babies group in your area. They looooove talking poop and when you hear the stories about what other babies do to try to drive their parents insane, it make you feel WAY better. :-)

hexe said...

My kids are 4 and 6 and I planned their first overseas flight on Easter, not even realizing that we were flying on Easter Sunday - just call me mother of the year. We had to lie and say that we wrote the Easter bunny and he was coming to our house early.

Being a mother is the hardest job I have ever had. The first year is tough. Every thirty days gets a bit easier, just hang in.