Thursday, March 06, 2008

A Photo

We are making it through our first week at home and I am . . . sooooo . . . tired. I get the "night shift" because the German has to get up and go to work in the mornings. I know that I should sleep in the afternoons when the Dude is asleep, but I find it hard to sleep during the day. At night is another story. Getting up to see if the Dude is breathing lasted all of a day. Now I sleep when he sleeps and only wake up when he starts making sounds.

As promised, a photo. His eyes are not brown though. They are blue. The photo-corrector changed them. Isn't he cute?

Everyone said, "Children will change your life." I just was not prepared for how much it changes everything; everything from sleep patterns to life's priority list. I suddenly see my life in an entirely different light, and I think there may be other changes on the horizon.

In the two weeks since I had the Dude, I have already fallen behind in the Super-Mom sweepstakes. I gave up breastfeeding after a week and a half. Because of my blood problems I was not producing enough milk and I was constantly in a panic about how much he was eating. Since we started bottle feeding him, he is sleeping longer and putting on weight. Although I admire women who breastfeed and really wanted to do it myself, I can see now that the bottle is best for both him and me.

The second damage to my Supermom status: I use a pacifier. I heard a lot of different things about this over the past two weeks, some strongly for and some against. Let me tell you, the Dude's binky is worth its weight in gold! He doesn't use it all the time, but it is great when changing his diapers and he is getting fussy.

Right now I have a question for the parents who read the blog: When will I be able to sleep again? Come on . . . throw me a bone.


Christina G said...

Aww, he's a super cutie, Claire! And as for sleep, I'm still not getting any 7 months in. But I've heard bottle fed babies sleep through the night earlier, so you may have it better than me there. Have fun with the little guy!

(I had trouble with feeding my guy at first too, but I struggled through breastfeeding and supplementing for the first four months. In the end, you know what's best for you and him.)

J said...

Cute kid. No advice from me, though.

C N Heidelberg said...

Don't worry about playing the Supermom game - there's no way to win that one. What you feel is best is the way to go. :) (I'm not a mom, but I've heard so many mom v. mom competitions...)

stringbean said...

Awww, what a cutie!

As for sleep, our little Gracie started sleeping much better and for much longer (pretty much through the night) at around 7 months. Some babies do it a lot younger though... maybe lil' Christoper will be one of 'em!

Greetings from Motown!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm surprised. That's a pretty good looking kid. But what would anybody expect from the parents he's got.

As you know, I never was a mom, but I've known many people that were. But anyway, it's been an awfully long time since I've had any experience with that sort of thing. But I can tell you that all the advice in the world won't be of use to you, every case is differant. What worked for your mom probably won't work for you anyway.

Back here in Packer Land, we have too many other things to worry about anyway. The great Brett has retired. I hope that this if not the end of the wotld. As for me, I'll wait for the beginning of the training camp season to see if he really stays retired.

Love to all Three of you,

Diane Mandy said...

What a cutie! My best fried had a baby back in October and she assures me that you'll get used to sleep deprivation. Small comfort, I am sure. Hang in there!

hexe said...

Gorgeous! There is no way to warn anyone about the changes a kid brings. If you had told me six years ago that I'd have been a SAHM, I'd have told you that you were smoking crack!

Don't worry about the pacifier. Both of mine used one and one kid became a thumb sucker but the other didn't. As far as sleep - just remember every thirty days it improves, not drastically, but it does improve. I fought the day sleeping with the first but not the second. Do whatever works to get through the day.

christina said...

He's adorable! Look at those tiny fingers. I personally think he looks a lot like the German's dad (well, except for the hair). Am I right?

We used a pacifier with both of our kids and they were fine. They seemed to really need that sucking time and neither of them were thumb or finger suckers. If it works for you and him, do it and don't worry about it.

And when will you sleep again? That all depends, but give it a couple of months and see how things develop.

christina said...

P.S. I LOVE your grandpa's comments!

Carol said...

He's adorable -- just like we all knew he'd be!

As far as the supermom stuff, just know that by virtue of being a loving mom, you ARE a supermom! Follow your heart and your instinct, love him and cuddle him, and have confidence that he will grow into an amazing young man.

Speaking of -- on weekends, I have to wake my kids up at noon... or 2 PM! And then I remember wondering why they never slept and it feels SO long ago, and I miss what went
with it -- the baby smiles and baby bliss.

You WILL sleep again!


Maria said...

Adorable! The Boy did well sleeping until we started traveling from Germany to the US to Germany to the US. Around 1 year, he improved dramatically again. My grandma tells me that you (general you, not you specifically) won't sleep the same every again. LOL!

Julia said...

Best thing I did was to divide up the nights with my husband. I'd be on call until 3 and then he'd take over. Since you're bottle feeding this is doable now. Getting undisturbed sleep for even 5 hours makes a huge difference.

Such a cutie the Dude is!

Anonymous said...

Claire, congratulations. I love your blog and have followed the pregnancy. My little guy is four months now and it seems like just when you feel that you can't take any more, they'll sleep for a good long stretch. Of course, when that happens I wake up to make sure that he is still breathing.

Have you read the chapter in Freakonomics that talks about parenting? I guess that it helps to remember that despite all of the different methods and advice, people will turn out okay.

Anyway, thanks again for being an "internet friend" here in Germany!

Anonymous said...

Claire, what a beautiful baby boy. He is precious! I promise you you will adjust. Just try to sleep, or even just lay down, when he is asleep. This really helps at first to get your strength back. You are a loving Mom, that is all he needs. Lucky baby, lucky Mom. Congratulations. Pam

Karl said...

Yep, that is some major cuteness there. Congratulations.

Gardner said...

very sweet pic. Best wishes.

G in Berlin said...

I used to try to thrust a binky in my kid's mouth- sucking is necessary and be grateful the Dude will take one!

Sleeping? Since we are all jetlagged here and Thing2 just went to sleep at 4 am, I canonly say that three months tends to be a big turning point in the sleep arena. But we have always brought the kidsinto bed if they had a problem sleeping, so it may not be the same for everyone.
Mazel tov again!

Tatiana von Tauber said...

It took me about a year, Claire, before I remembered what a full night's sleep was like. When I had one again, I was like, "wow! this is what it feels like?" All those "bad" things for kids (like pacifiers and bottle feeding)go out the window as bad and take on very good qualities - good solutions. If it weren't for the use of pacifiers, I wouldn't have survived the second kid. The pacifiers like to play with the sock monster so buy 'em up and have them ready everywhere. As far as gets better at some point. I think it's meant as a reality check of some kind, some sadistic punishment dose to clear our heads of the images of beauty we have been encouraged with to have a baby in the first place.

My sister in law had a baby in January and after two weeks wrote us asking why we didn't tell her it was so hard. Would she have believed us had we told her? :-) Most likely not. I didn't believe it either but I still think the good moments make up for the sleep eventually - that is until you hit the terrible two stage where I'm at now. THEN you start really questioning if you did the right thing! hahaha I'm still looking for a "bad" solution to the temper tantrums.

Congratulations, Clarie. I'm very happy for you and look forward to reading more about your motherhood adventures. All the best to you and your family. ~ Tatiana

J.Hager said...

He is soooooooo cute!!!! Congratulations!!! You're going to be tired, but you're going to have soooo much fun! Do you have a video camera? You need a video camera! lol

Even in my greatness there are things I know little about. Mothering is one of them, but I would say that being a "super-mom" is doing whatever is right for your Dude. Having to stop breastfeeding because of your health is the right thing to do. Yeah it may be against age old "MOM" laws set forth by the older traditional mothers in Germany, but like you said, he's sleeping more and putting on weight. So you're going to brave insulting opinions from older moms even though what you're doing is right. See, you're already a Super-mom! You'll become the Robocop version of supermom later when you become a soccer mom and you're driving the team around to their matches. lol

All the best, and keep the pictures coming! :)

Uben Hertwig said...

I'm another fan of your blog and just wanted to say congratulations and the baby is very cute. And to answer your question about when you'll be able to sleep again my first thought was 2013, but hopefully sooner. Best wishes from Bavaria.

Carrie said...

Oh yeah, he doesn't look like an alien like most new babys! But with parents as good looking as you and M, how could he?

Caffienated Cowgirl said...

Congrats! He's gorgeous...and worth the wait :)

As for when you'll get sleep again...well, let's just say mine is 4 now and we've just started another phase of waking up at night.'s a never-ending symptom...but you learn to live with sleep deprivation :)

Expat Traveler said...

Claire - he's so adorable! And that super round head,looks like it's shaved.. hehe.. Thanks for finding that camera... He's a super cute dude!