Monday, March 10, 2008

Sometimes it is hard to be a Democrat

One of the most difficult things about being a new mother is having your entire schedule determined by an 8 pound being, who frankly does not work on a schedule. For someone as controlling as me, letting go of time constraints can be daunting. However, there are still somethings things that I can control.

During our late night and early morning feedings I like to put on CNN. Over the past week I have explained the complex presidential primary system to the Dude. As I explain, he tends to crease his forehead and look totally confused. I am not sure if it is the primary system, or the fact that he has no idea who I am at this point. Could be both.

I came to the conclusion yesterday that being a Democrat is like that Tammy Wynnett song, "Sometimes its hard to be a . . ." Because right now, the party is killing me! With McCain the Republican nominee running around trying to appear presidential and not at all old (my goodness, he is 72!!!), Hillary and Obama are doing a great job of taking each other out. They are tearing into each other, and you know the Republicans are just taking notes to use during the general election.

At this point, Hillary and Obama may want to ask themselves, "What is best for the party?" 6 months ago it was almost a forgone conclusion that the Dems would take back the White House. However, this long fight may be the Dems undoing. Perhaps we should ask ourselves as a party, "Who could beat McCain?" But, in politics egos often get in the way of the right thing.

Now I have to go do the right thing and feed the Dude. Next on our list of topics: why the Euro is strong and the dollar is weak.


Maria said...

Little Dude is going to be one smart cookie! :)

Diane Mandy said...

The race is becoming a little disheartening. I just hope at the end, Democrats will unite.

hexe said...

The fact that you even understand CNN at this point tells me you are hanging in with Little Dude's random scheduling techniques. Have to agree that this is not what the Democrats need right now. Will be interested to hear your thoughts on the dollar/euro exchange rate as wew just exchanged some money for our trip and man, did it hurt!

christina said...

Wow, you can even open your eyes when you're feeding him in the middle of the night? You're doing great!

How much do we want to bet that the little Dude's first word will be "O-ba-ma"? :-)

So right about the "who could beat McCain?" thing. I think there are so many out there with such a dislike for Ms Clinton that they would vote for Grampy just out of spite. Not good, not good at all.

Liz said...

I love that Christopher's first experience with television is CNN. This kid is gonna be fiercely smart!

Ahh the election. I went to Ohio to help with Senator Clinton's campaign and am working like a crazy woman now that it has moved to my state, PA. I saw her speak yesterday in Scranton and she was amazing. It is such a seminal moment in politics and I fully expect this to go to the convention floor. But I do think the division is running deep. I know I will find it near impossible to vote for an Obama tickt :(

Carrie said...

I'm writing in Donald Duck. We're also thinking of moving to Cuba...the health care and we could retire happy with mojitos and cigars in our hands.