Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Have Baby. Will Travel. But not too far . . .

My Big Dad did make it to town! After not getting a standby seat, my B-Dad just decided to purchase a ticket. Talk about 'spensive! Unfortunately he landed at 9:55am and the baptism was at 11am. I thought he would miss the whole thing but my brother-in-law saved the day by swooping in and collecting my B-Dad and getting him to the church on time.

The Dude was an angel during the service. However, he did not sleep the entire day (only 3 30 minute naps) and was very cranky by bedtime. Yesterday was a bit more relaxing and we spent the day hanging around Wildeshausen.

Today we took the Dude, B-Dad, and Ch-ard on a road trip to Bergen-Belsen. Although a concentration camp might not be a "happy" choice for baby's first trip, it was interesting for the adults and provided the opportunity for lots of outdoor walking. The Dude slept the entire time. The memorial was very moving but slightly creepy as there was the sound of tank fire in the background from the near by army base.

I was so anxious about traveling with the baby, but it was okay. I am now a champion diaper bag packer. He slept in the car and was awake and ate for a few hours in the memorial. Makes me want to take on the world . . . with a two hour driving distance that is.

In that spirit, I am anxious for the next Ex-Pat Blogger meet up, which might take place in Bremen! The Dude will surely have stories of his crazy mom and I can show people around a place that I know. See J for details.


christina said...

Are you going to bring him with you if the meet-up is in Bremen?? I'm feeling the need to pat his little head. :-)

So glad B-Dad got there in one piece and didn't miss the baptism!

Carrie said...

ug, standby- that must have sucked. Glad the baptism went well. Hopefully you guys can work up to coming to the beach- btw the water was 68 degrees, crystal blue, easy wave breaks- good for surfing and swimming- yeah, tough life, i know. You know you never have to ask, just show up on my doorstep. ;)