Monday, June 30, 2008

Kids Say the Funniest Things

Other than Germany's sad loss to Spain last night in the European Cup Soccer Finals, it was a pretty good weekend. Saturday we went over to the in-laws to grill and chat. Thankfully the weather cooperated and we were able to cook before the rain came. Because me 8 year old niece and my 7 year old nephew were also there, my in-laws were in good form surrounded by their grandchildren.

I get a kick out of how my niece and nephew adore the Dude. They fight over who gets to push him in his stroller and who can hold them first. My niece likes to hold his bottle when I am feeding him. On Saturday my nephew watched as my mom-in-law and I were standing at the changing table and putting a new diaper on the Dude.

Precocious 7 year old: Wow, he has a big penis.

Huh?! It took everything I had not to laugh out loud.

7 year old: No, really. I think mine is only a little bit bigger than that.

Gosh, who knew that boys started comparing so soon. My mom-in-law smiled at each other.

Claire: Oh, sweetie, I am sure are both average.

7 year old: Well my dad . . .

Claire: Whoa! Honey, there are somethings your Aunt Claire REALLY does not want to know about.

He shrugged and walked away and my mom-in-law went into the other room to laugh hysterically.

And how was your weekend?


Maria said...

LOL! I remember bringing The Boy home and thinking his penis was large relative to his size, but now it's normal. Maybe dude is he same? LOL! Thanks for the Monday morning laugh! :)

Diane Mandy said...

You're kidding, right? That's unbelievable (and so so funny)!

C N Heidelberg said...

That is the best thing I've read all day!!