Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Letter to the Dude

My dearest Christopher,

Today you are officially 4 months old. It is hard to believe how much my life has changed since February 22. It is even harder to believe how you have changed!

You can do many things now including roll over onto your side and roll over from your tummy to your back, but not the other way around. In fact you seem to get frustrated pretty easily when you cannot get all the way over or why crawling does not exactly seem to work. I pick you up to soothe you ,but your dad says that you need to be "tough." I suppose that you know I am a bit of a soft touch, which is why you like to bury your head into my breasts when I hold you.

You can hold your head really well and can sit when propped up. The world is a much more interesting place when you can see it and you love to sit up or lie on your tummy and lift your head up and look around. You have even discovered the television and turn to it when it is on and you are lying on the floor. Because I don't want you to be a couch potato, I have to turn it off. This is kind of a bummer for me as TV sort of kept me company during the long days since your birth. However, perhaps we can compromise and put on Baby Einstein instead of Sopranos re-runs.

When you feel like it, you can also sleep through the night from 8:30pm to 5:30am. This comes and goes and you still love to play the pacifier game, i.e. how many times can I get mommy to come into my room and give me my pacifier. You do seem to sense when you are pushing things too far. After two weeks of sleepless nights, you finally gave your mom a break this weekend and slept like an angle. Let's keep doing that.

Your non-stop babbling is a joy, especially for your father. Okay, so all you can say is "ging-ging," but you try out different octaves and stress to see which is the most fun. Your dad calls you "ging-ging," which your Oma does not like. I think it is a cute nickname. When you discovered the high notes which only the neighbor's dog could hear, I thought I would die (or at least buy some ear plugs). The non-stop screeching for no apparent reason (other than the fact that you can do it) was a little much. Thank God you got over that after a week.

The biggest step in the past week has been your move to solid foods. At first carrots were not your thing but you have gotten more fond of them now. In fact you can put away half a jar. The spoon is your new favorite toy and you love to make me laugh by making bubbles with your food. I think I introduced you to fruit too soon. You love the sweet stuff and I only let you have a few bites after lunch. Today you actually cried when I took away "dessert."

After writing all this, I realize now the most important thing, how much I have come to love you. At first you were this blob that did not do much and it was hard to connect. But now you smile and laugh when you see me in the morning (even after keeping me up half the night). That makes it all worth while.

I am still afraid that I have no idea what I am doing. But you are growing and laughing and happy, so I must not be doing to many things wrong. I guess we will just keep making it up as we go along.

Your Mom

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Maria said...

I say pick up, cuddle and follow your instincts. Research has shown that closeness and responding to your child actually produces more independent children. ;-) LOL!

Little Dude looks adorable. I love his big eyes!