Monday, July 21, 2008

Little One

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It was a long weekend. Christopher's temperature went down Saturday afternoon. Sunday he spent most of the day sleeping. Because he has not been eating much during the day, we have had to do some 3am feedings to get him through the night. Last night was a little better. He slept. I slept. And this morning he actually played for a little bit and ate his normal amount. We might be on the road to recovery.

Hopefully that will mean posts galore this week, including: Zucchinis, Fuzzy Math and the Pride of Wildeshausen. I bet you can't wait!


Maria said...

Glad little dude's temp went down and he is feeling better. The Boy is home with me today...thanks to a temperature and nasty runny nose. Seriously gross. Ah well. :)

jen said...

dude, he is so freakin cute.