Friday, July 18, 2008

Poor Baby

I have been enjoying the week with the Dude and the German, even felt inspired to write a thing or two. Had a whole post plotted in my head. Was going to write this afternoon, but the Dude had other plans.

I knew something was wrong when I picked him up out of his bed at 5:30am for his bottle. Normally he lies in bed patiently until about 6 and he starts smiling and waving his arms when he sees me. This morning he was listless and started crying when I picked him up. Then he only ate 160 ml when he usually downs 200 ml within 10 minutes. I thought he felt warm. I put him back in his bed but was a little unsettled.

At 7am I got up with him again and this time took his temperature when changing his diaper and dressing him. 38.8 Celsius / 101.8 Fahrenheit. At 8am I called the doctor and took a urine sample. Because of the Dude's enlarged ureter he is at a higher risk of bladder and kidney infections. The doctor does not mess around with fevers, so we went in at 9am with the sample and the Dude.

Everything came out fine in the tests and she could not detect anything wrong. It seems that he just has a fever. She called it a "three day fever." The only thing we can do is give him acetaminophen and extra fluids.

Since we have been home the Dude is pretty listless and a bit fussy and does not want to eat. He sleeps a little bit but mostly in my arms. His temperature has actually gone up slightly (39.3 / 102.7)and we just gave him another acetaminophen.

This weekend were supposed to go to a wedding and a birthday party. The in-laws were going to take the Dude for the night and I was going to sleep in on Sunday. Now I am going to stay home with the baby and the German is going to go to give our gifts and our regards. Maybe I can fit in my planned post between rockings.


Maria said...

Oh no! Poor little dude! Sending positive vibes your way. Nothing is more stressful for momma than a sick child (or so it is with me anyway).

G in Berlin said...

Sorry- always so stressful when the very small are ill. For me, I always found that infant acetaminophen was useless and that infant ibuprophen (here called neurofen) was the answer for the girls' high fevers.