Thursday, August 21, 2008

4th Annual Meeting of the WEB

My lovely city (okay, not so much my city, as the one that is the closest to me), Bremen, is being invaded by the Whiny Expat Bloggers. On September 28 and September 29 those of us who complain about Germany, but love it dearly, will be meeting to talk, eat, drink, and talk some more. We may even walk around town a bit. Good thing that all the good stuff to see in Bremen is in walking distance.

I am especially excited because the Dude is spending Saturday evening with his grandparents, so I can hang out as long as I want.

If you would like to come, let me clarify:

1. You don't have to whine
2. You don't have to be an expat
3. You don't even have to be a blogger really

However, you must:

1. Have a high tolerance for loud expats (seriously, my laugh attracts attention)
2. Enjoy chatting
3. Not get offended easily

For more details, see J and get on the email list. I am the hostess with most-ess and am trying to pick a restaurant, so if you are coming, let me know what kind of food you like.

J will be there. Kim will be there. Jen will be there. Go on. You know you want to join us.


tqe / Adam said...


I'm ready to whine all weekend long...

Carol said...

Oh, I SOOOOO want to be there!! I wonder if I can still get a cheap flight?! I'd absolutely LOVE to see Jen (and of course Sparky!), and J and Rich and Geoffrey again... and to meet people like YOU and Dixie and B and... oh man, I'm getting depressed just thinking about NOT being there.

If I don't show up (hey, you never know...!), please do one group "PROST" for me!


Yelli said...

I was like - whiny expat bloggers - yup, I fit that description!

However, I do have a 2 year old and am trying to debate if it is worth it.

J said...

Thanks for the post, Claire. It's gonna be fun!

(PS: It's 27 & 28 Sept, not 28 & 29 Sept)

kim said...

ha! i'm not an expat (but i plan on bringing one) and i can't wait to meet you guys :) let me know if you need help planning, claire.