Friday, August 08, 2008

The Games Begin

The German and I are lovin' the start of the Olympic Games. We don't really discuss political backgrounds, drugs, or anything serious. We just love to watch really random sports. Seriously, if it wasn't the Olympics, I would not watch table tennis. But now I feel drawn in.

As I was surfing the net, I found this economist who predicted the medal rankings. As a grad school geek, I love stuff like this. However, I think there is a HUGE mistake in this little video. Can you find it?

Have a great weekend! And remember . . . mmmm . . . table tennis.


Dr. J said...

Ohhh! Pick me! Pick me! I know! I know!

Some graphics guy screwed up BOTH of my countries.

G in Berlin said...

You got to watch this way earlier than us! We are just watching the opening ceremonies now in Denver, about 14 hours behind the actual ceremony! Can you believe that China has only 1 time zone, though!

pyjamamel said...

Um... being completely hopeless at maths - I would guess there is a HUGE flaw in his formular VS his expected outcomes.

If he's factoring in national population & income - surely many other larger wealthy countries (eg. France @ approx. 65 million, Great Britain @66 million)would rate higher than Australia (21 million). Mind you, Australia tends to spend more on each single Olympic Athelete than the entire Arts & cultural budget per year - so maybe he's factoring that in there somewhere too.

(My Ger-Man and I always bet on which of our respective countries will be higher in the medal tally. and, I usually win!)

Happy random watching...

J said...

I'm also a huge Olympics fan and will be getting up at stupid hours of the morning to watch events.

Claire said...

LOL! I think Dr. J was the only one to figure it out. The German said that that graphics guy should most definitly get fired.