Monday, August 18, 2008

In a New York Minute

Last week I learned the hard way that the Dude knows how to crawl backwards.

Besides his crib, there is a large queen size bed in his room. I usually put his baby bath on the bed and bathe him there because there is no room in our bathroom and the tub is so deep it kills my back. As I was preparing his bath, I put him down in the middle of the bed. Because he rolls from back to belly to back pretty good these days, I put some pillows on both sides so that he would not roll. He was on his tummy chewing on a toy when I left the room to get his blankie out of the living room. As I was walking back toward his room I heard a thud and then a shriek.

I have never ran so fast in my life. I ran into his room and there he was on the floor crying. I picked him up and rocked him. After a few minutes he calmed down but there was a red bump on his head.

Although he had stopped crying, I made the German take us to the hospital. On the way there Christopher laughed and smiled and chewed on his teething ring. By the time the doctor saw him, he was tired but content. She flashed a light in his eyes and felt his scull. The she asked if he had thrown up or lost consciousness. Negative to both. She smiled and said everything was okay and to take him home and call if his behavior changed at all. I had managed to keep it together during that first hour, but when the doctor told me he was okay, I sat down and started crying.

We were so lucky that nothing happened and that the bed is not that high. In fact the bump on his head is already gone. However, the Dude and I are not fast learners. The next day I left him on the living room floor to go to the kitchen and get his bottle. In two minutes he had rolled from his play area to underneath the chair, and was crying for me to get him out. Dude, I have a HUGE living room.

Now whenever I leave a room I put him in either his play pen or his bed. I would rather hear him cry to get out then bump his head again. He is repaying me by now rolling over in his sleep, getting stuck on his stomach and crying for me to come put him back in his proper sleeping position. Oy. The perfect beginning to the German's first day back to school after summer vacation.


Maria said...

Girl. Let me tell you! The Boy has creeped off the bed numerous times. Now he has side-rails. Oh, and then there was the time Kevin DROPPED him! No crap! he was sleeping on Kevin, and Kevin fell asleep, and The Boy rolled off Kevin on to the floor, and our bed is HIGH! We are so lucky nothing worse happened besides some bruises! I'm not sure the point of sharing that other than to tell you that you are not alone... in the falling or the lessons learned.

J.Hager said...

Claire, babies are built for these kinds of rigors. Their flexible, smushy, and can withstand the occasional shock and drop on a carpeted floor much like a drunk person who survives car accident. Both are completely clueless to the consequences of their actions and come out fine thanks to the bliss of their own ignorance. You can read all about it in my new book “Why Babies Bounce”. Lol

I’m glad to hear that the Dude is alright and can’t imagine the fear of having that happen, but as a survivor of many a fall in my childhood, it sounds like he’ll be ok, especially with those robust German genes!

jen said...

my brother fell so many times, it's not even funny. i'm sure i did too, but i don't remember those times at all. Miranda was a different story. I'm surprised she learned to walk at all because she had a mom, dad, sister and 2 brothers to carry her contantly.

i love hearing about your mothering adventures.

Rabble Rouser said...

When Shannon was 3, I put her down for a nap and she decided to use the rail of her new big girl bed as a balance beam. I heard this scream and then a wail and I swear my heart stopped. I rushed her to the ER and even after she was given a clean bill of health I was still freaked she might have a brain aneurysm or something. Yup, totally irrational. When I called my aunt, her reaction was to put a bag of peas on her head LOL

So yeah I think your reaction was totally normal :-) And I am VERY happy the Dude is a-okay!