Friday, August 29, 2008

Making History

He sat on my lap pounding the desk. He had no idea that he was watching history. No, for him it is just a screen with blinking lights. But then he settled down. He focused, and, yes, he even listened. He may not know it now, but later I will tell him about the day that a man made history.

Despite my love of politics, I did not stay up last night to watch Obama's acceptance speech. A mother's need for sleep is just too powerful. However, I did get up this morning and download it. About 10 minutes into it, the Dude woke up. I hit pause and went upstairs. Christopher smiled and giggled and waved his arms to be picked up. After giving him his bottle and changing into clothes, I took him downstairs. Together we sat in front of my computer and watched the rest of the speech.

Now, I will have to agree that the stage was a bit over the top. It reminded me of a Greek temple, which I don't think is what Obama should have been going for. However, it did make him look "presidential." That said, it was a historical moment deserving of something special.

Germans often criticize the U.S. for not practicing what they preach. That is, we are not as democratic as we make ourselves out to be. This is true. Democracy took time to develop in the U.S. Under the U.S. constitution a black man was not even considered a whole person. But yesterday, an African-American became the first man of color nominated for president. That is an amazing thing, regardless of what party line you stand on.

"What of the speech?" you ask. I was impressed, but then again I am partisan. He inspired, outlined details and hit McCain; all the things that he had to do. On the other hand, I did think that some of his suggestions were a bit optimistic. I would love to think that the U.S. will end its dependence on foreign oil in 10 years, I am not sure that 10 years is realistic. Also, as I said before, I think that a tax increase is almost inevitable.

Larry King is re-run here at 11, so the Dude and I watched that, too. The Republicans cannot seem to decide where to go. On the one hand they say that Obama has no experience, but on the other hand they say that his record does not support his suggestions. So . . . does he have a record or no experience? One talking head also said that if you make around $40,000 and have kids that you don't pay taxes. Hmm. I paid taxes when I was only making $20,000 and I KNOW that my parents pay taxes. Finally, on Repub said, "He was offering something to every interest group in the stadium." However, don't you think that children, working class families, the poor and the elderly deserve a better stake than what they are getting now? I support those interest groups.

I watched several other clips this morning. Al Gore's speech was pretty good, too. He reminded me about something I had forgotten. There once was one a man from Illinois who ran for president. He did not have much experience except a few terms in the state legislature and in the House of Representatives. He opposed a popular war that turned out to be unjust. Although known as a great orator, it was argued that he did not have the experience to lead the U.S. in difficult times.

That man was Abraham Lincoln.


Rabble Rouser said...

I think the criticism is that he was offering something to every special interest group even when his tendency has been to throw that group under the bus. You just have to look at gay rights to see that. I did think it was a good speech but nothing surprising. I know Dems who didn't watch the speech because they refuse to vote for him. That is regrettable because it was a beautifully historic night. Finally we have a non-Caucasian male at the top of the ticket. Even though I won't vote for Obama, that is a step definitely worth celebrating.

Rositta said...

If all the things Obama wishes to accomplish for the U.S., taxes will have to go up dramatically. Since they are currently in a recession and tax hit will just about kill what's left of the economy don't you think? Regarding Gore, when he said that had he been elected last time, he would have gone after bin Laden, heck didn't they have the chance and not take it. I recall reading somewhere that Clinton and by extension Gore knew where he was but didn't go after him. Couldn't 9/11 have been prevented? Just putting it out there...ciao

The German said...

The problme of the next president is that, because of the housing market, there is no chance to increase the FED intrest rate in order to lower inflation. Not increasing the intrest rate means, that eventually the economy over heats, people will beging buying more houses, even if they can not afford them, and maybe another round of putting money into the banking market, to help the big bank houses.

Sometimes a country has to take back the money, they have to spend for things like bank crises or war on terror.

Because of the low interest rate, there are to many US Dollar on the market. This makes the Dollar weaker.

So the goverment has to increase the taxes to kill the defecit spending (watch the clock below).

It is no win situation. You cannot interest rate and you cannot raise taxes, even though fiscal responsibility would demand it.