Friday, August 01, 2008

The Pride of Wildeshausen?

Since having the baby, there are many nights when I like awake staring at the ceiling hoping, to no avail, that sleep will come. The only explanation for this insomnia is that I simply cannot turn my brain "off." I worry about the baby and if he is sleeping and when he will wake up. I worry about the laundry that I left in the washer. I worry that I worry too much. You get the picture.

In order to calm down in the evenings, I have started looking for distractions. Trashy novels were my mother's recommendation. Nothing by the Dali Lama or political tomes. Nope, the trashier the better. "Chick lit" if you will. (Boy do I hate that expression!) So I have been "dining" on meals of Marian Keyes with a side of Lauren Weisberger and just a bit of Plum Sykes. This might not be Dickens, but these ladies have helped me smile, relax and sleep a bit better.

Television is another distraction. My secret sin is good bad reality TV. Unfortunately, there is no good bad television here. It is all just plain bad. I have gone in search of something like the first few seasons of the U.S. versions of the Apprentice, Big Brother, or even Survivor. All I have found is Sarah and Marc in Love.

Sarah Connor, a local girl from Delmenhorst, is something of a celebrity here in Germany. She is a pop singer and has had several successful albums. Her music is okay, but I cannot forgive her version of "Son of a Preacher Man." That is my favorite song and I am a bit of a purist. Her husband, Marc, is American and also a singer. However, I have never heard of his music. They live here in Wildeshausen. Their reality show follows the ups and downs of love and life for these two kooky kids. What could go wrong?

Yuck. What could go right? First, all of the scenes of my lovely town have been deleted. Even though they have been seen filming around town, nothing has been featured on TV. In fact, Marc had the wall of a local parking garage spray painted in honor of his wife. Because nothing says love like vandalizing public property. Anyway, the day of the "unveiling," the MAYOR came by, posed for pictures and gave Sara a lovely bouquet. None of this made the final cut.

The second big problem is that the people featured in the show are BORING! Because Sara and Marc don't really do much, we get lots of shots of Sarah's sister Lulu, as she tries to follow in her sister's footsteps and become a professional singer. Sadly Lulu does not have much of a voice and the personality of warmed meatloaf. Marc and Sara's staged love declarations are also a bit lame. Finally, Marc's German is bad. No, REALLY bad. He makes me sound like a German professor. After a few attempts, I just had to turn the crap off. Instead of relaxing me, it just got me wound up.

When I first moved to Wildeshausen, friends made jokes about me becoming neighbors with these "Promis." Let me just set the record straight, they were not a factor in our decision to move here.


J.Hager said...


I think LuLu in prettier than her sister. Is it less cosmetic sugary or just the video compression. Should I even be giving it this much of my attention this early on a Saturday morning?

The German said...

That´s another story I can´t help myself, I have to write a comment.
This show is so bad - It´s on the same level like Bill O´Reilly (I certainly spell him wrong)
There was scene a guy had to cut some wood for sarah and Mark. Sarah liked his Body and that he cut the wood and I was all about making Mark jealous.
He had a good body. But he had to work with an axt---Holy sh...!
This guy hits the poor wood like a Sissy. Sorry for that expression, but it was so awful, I felt bad for the axt. That showed me, poor television, poor show, poor world..Yes Crazy in Love and a lot of money doesn´t save you for beeing poor.
No brain-no pain
Thanks for reading

kim said...

you forgot to mention that her mom [who's in her fifties??] just had twins. 28 years after having her first kid [sarah] ... certainly a highlight! :)

PS: marc took german here in bremen @ berlitz. i think he just started a few months ago, so i give him a break on the german. it's not easy...

Martina said...

My daughter watched yesterday's episode [that's my story and I'm sticking with it :-)] and they showed a scene with Marc going into "town" and wanting to buy a video game and finding all stores closed "in the middle of the week". Let me guess, it was Wednesday afternoon? Or on another day between 1 and 3 p.m.?

Towards the end he couldn't decide whether to speak English or German, and even *Sarah* couldn't understand what he was trying to say :-)