Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Seen and Heard

Summer vacation has come to an end. The German went back to school yesterday. We did not go anywhere, but it was great to spend some time as a family. We would take turns feeding the Dude and when he decided to get up at 7am we would put him in bed with us. While he rolled and chatted, we would try to get a few more minutes of shut eye. In the afternoons we would go for long walks and eat ice cream. All in all it was one of the best summers I have every had.

Besides the trip to the hospital, a few other things have been going on. Time for the round up . . .


I did absolutely nothing for my birthday. Although in Germany you are expected to invite people over and provide just about everyone you know with cake and sweets, I did not cave into peer pressure. I took a stand and invited no one. After our big party last year and celebrating the German's birthday a few weeks before, I figured that I had the right to keep it calm this year.

I was touched by all of the phone calls and emails I got. Seriously, more people remembered this year than is normal. I also got some gorgeous flowers.

From the German

From Ch-ard

I also indulged in my blueberry muffins. Allrecipes had a fabulous recipe. The German chowed down on one and declared them "delicious." I already had my mouth stuffed with the third. Because of all the cake, ice cream and hamburgers I have ingested this summer, I am now on a diet. I do not diet, so it is pretty hard.


I decided to follow Kim's advice and give Marc, of Sarah and Marc in Love, a break about his German. However, I suppose I was surprised about it because he has lived here for years and he is a musician. It shocked me because I thought he might have an ear for the language.

Two weeks ago on Sarah and Marc, Marc got upset with the terrible shop hours in Wildeshausen. He attempted to buy a video game but found everything closed. They made Wildeshausen seem like a total hole in the wall. I have two problems with this.

First, let me mention that the place he went to does not sell video games. In Wildeshausen, you have to go to the Eurotronics store for DVDs and video games. Everyone knows this, including Marc. The German has seen him there before.

Second, the shop hours in Wildeshausen are the same as in any city in Germany. However, I do have to side with Marc that they are sometimes annoying. Although I have lived here for over 4 years, I also sometimes get irritated when I have to get all my shopping done by noon Saturday.


Last month the German and I celebrated our wedding anniversary with a romantic evening in Bremen. Yes, Bremen can be romantic. I reserved a table at the Bremer Ratskeller for a "candlelight dinner for two." It was expensive, but worth the money. With our four course meal we also had wine, sekt, coffee, and chocolate truffles. They even decorated the table with hearts and printed a special menu for the occasion.

However, I forgot that I am now a light weight when it comes to drinking. After our aperitif, I was a bit tipsy. After the fish and soup course and the excellent Riesling that was served with it, I was pretty hammered. I could not eat all of my beef, but the German took care of it for me.

Because of all the water I started drinking, I went looking for a bathroom. There was a little sign hanging on a pillar, which pointed towards the bathroom. As I watched a waitress walk out of the door, I assumed the room to be the kitchen and decided not to enter. I remembered seeing a bathroom near the entrance and headed in that direction. Not really paying attention to the men coming out of the door, I walked right into the men's room. I backed out. Even in my drunk haze I knew that it was wrong. A woman saw me, laughed and pointed in the right direction.

After nearly three hours of eating, drinking and chatting, the German was a little tipsy as well. We went back to our room at the Hilton, which is in the heart of the old city. We changed into some comfortable shoes and went for a nice walk along the river. Then we took a seat next to the cathedral square and had a night cap. The German had a cafe au lait, which I should have had as well. But I threw caution to the wind when I saw that they had cosmopolitans. It was my undoing. Why, oh why, do Germans put Grenadine in a cosmopolitans? The sugary confection turned my stomach sour.

To make a long story short, our "romantic" evening ended with me passed out and the German watching TV. The next morning I could barely enjoy the fantastic breakfast buffet. But then, I suppose that is what marriage becomes after four years and one baby.


Rositta said...

Yup, those Cosmopolitans will do it every time...Happy Anniversary, it gets better. When I'm in Germany I drink way more than I ever do at home and I'm heading there again soon...

Rabble Rouser said...

It sounds like it was an absolutely wonderful summer!

And I know I shouldn't but your anniversary story made me giggle. At least you passed out instead of praying to the porcelain gods!

So what are you going to do now that school's in session?