Saturday, August 30, 2008


That was my reaction when I saw CNN yesterday afternoon:

McCain Names Palin his VP Candidate

When she took the stage, my second reaction was, "Boy, she's young!"

The more I think about this choice, the more I think it is either pure genius or a dumb ass move that is going to blow up in his face.

First, picking Palin is a direct move to get the 16 million Clinton voters who still feel disgruntled. If you don't believe me, watch Palin's speech. She mentions it directly. While not a bad idea in theory. However, many Clinton supporters were behind her not because she was a woman, but because of what she stood for. To say that all of these people will now vote for Palin only because she is a woman is a bit insulting. Now, if my friends and Clinton supporters do vote McCain/Palin because of the gender factor, then I will be very disappointed as Palin could not be more different Clinton when it comes to policy.

This brings me to my second point, Palin is a NRA member committed to overturning Roe v. Wade and drilling in Alaska. For this alone she would not get my vote.

Third, once again, who? The Repubs have made SUCH a BIG deal out of Obama's lack of experience, that I am left speechless that they think that someone with 2 years experience as the governor of Alaska is qualified to be president. This should definitely take the the experience question off the table.

Finally, VP choices are made because there is a possibility that they might become president. And although 72 year-old McCain may never be sick in the 4 to 8 years that he could be president, should something happen, Palin would be president. As interesting and intelligent as she may be, not only do I think she is not ready, but she sure as hell does not represent me.

One of my friends called this a "Maverick move." I think it is a calculated political decision which panders to his conservative base while trying to steal some women's votes. There is nothing Maverick about that.

**Please note that I have not mentioned any of the criticism about her having a special needs child or her beauty pageant background. These are non-issues for me which do not influence whether she would make a good president. Besides, if the Repubs think that a beauty queen can be president, why couldn't a "celebrity?"

***But, dude, I really do like her glasses.


Alice said...

My thoughts exactly ... I'm one of those rare independents who will probably remain 100% undecided until voting time, but who? I mean, how can you talk experience (or lack of) and then take Palin?

But I agree, great glasses! (Makes me think of that eyeglass commercials where the guy says, where'd you get those glasses???)

Rabble Rouser said...

I still think it is a maverick move just because this is NOT what his Party wanted. They wanted the safe choice that would sure up the neocon base and she sure isn't that. But it sure was great to hear Karl Rove caught off guard!

And I think you're right. It could either be brilliant or impossibly stupid. That's what makes it a huge gamble. So much of politics involves playing it safe. You know the first rule being "do no harm." I can admire someone who goes all in so to speak even if she wouldn't have been my choice.

What I like about Palin, and why I think she is a smart choice, is that she is likeable in a way McCain isn't and she can actually give a speech. Yes they hope to draw some Clinton supporters but no one really thinks they will go McCain because of this move. What they really want is to make sure the neocon women turn out. They are McCain's most resistant group at the moment and this has sured up support.

And speaking as a Clinton supporter who will not vote for Obama, IF McCain gets my vote it will have nothing to do with Palin and everything to do with the repugnant behavior of the DNC toward women. We have basically been told to get in line cause who else are you gonna vote for? It's the factor in this whole thing people keep missing.

But hey at least the Republican convention may be interesting now!

vailian said...

I agree with you completely. I was hoping for an Obama/Clinton ticket, but those egos precluded that. Palin (he admits blushing) is a name I had only known up to now as a member of Monty Python's Flying Circus. But I am learnfahig, as the Germans say.
But hey, if McCaine really chose her for her beauty pageant history, then the road is open for the next female presidential candidate to choose Jesse Ventura as a running mate.
Could the Republicans have really been so stupid? (we will ignore the fact that they chose Bush in the first place)

G in Berlin said...

I think that anyone who was a Clinton supporter (as I was) who thinks that voting for Palin in any way is a vote that makes sense is a fool. Whatever one thinks about the rhetoric aimed at H. Clinton (and as a woman I found some of it offensive and misogynistic), to think that Palin in any way reflects Clinton's values (or those of anyone who would support Clinton) is insane.

Palin is the type of candiadate, that when I was a Repubican) mad emsay: if (eg Falwell or Buchanan or Perot) were President, then I would flee to Canada.

Man. I think it was such a misogynistic and cynical decison: to think that I care so little for my country that I would be seduced into voting for its continued destruction and the economic degradation of my country men just to see a woman in the White House? I can't be bought so easily.

And now I am riled up and will continue this on my site later.

Anonymous said...

I have alot of scattered thoughts about the choice for Palin. At first I thought it was pretty savvy politically – the Dems will hate it if a Republican woman get the position before a Democrat. Then the next thought was it's just an obvious ploy to appeal to younger voters and to women and the social conservatives. It's not so savvy because everyone can see the motive behind the choice. I also think that women will not vote for her just because of her gender. I certainly won't.

The cynical side of me thinks he wants her because he can "keep her in her place." Just think about it. If he had chosen someone like Mitt Romney, he'd have to take his opinion into consideration because of his experience. But with Palin he holds all the power. This is telling by how he made the decision, i.e. from his gut, after just meeting her in person once or twice. I want a President who is thoughtful and takes all the circumstances into consideration. We've had nearly 8 years of a man of action and no thought, and look where's it's gotten us.

And about the social conservatives. I'm not one, but I can't help thinking the SCs (women in particular) have got to be asking themselves who is going to take care of her baby. Don't they want women to be stay-at-home moms? Especially with a special needs child? I'm not judging her, I'm just wondering if this will become an issue that actually backfires on her. I read she went back to work just three days after the birth of her child. I wouldn't do that no matter if my child was born with or without Down's Syndrome. It's too soon, in my opinion.

This last part is just me being catty -- I think she needs to get a good haircut (her look it too 1990s) and get her out of those dark depressing suits! She can appear professional without looking like she's on her way to a funeral.

Carol said...

Oh Man... I'm so wrapped up in this whole thing! I never thought I'd say it, but I'm at risk of becoming a politics junkie right now!

Here's my thought (and there's this and more on my site): If McCain really did love America and want what's best for this countey, he wouldn't have done this. Not with a few bouts of cancer and 72 years behind him. If we think we're the laughing stock of the world NOW, just wait until he dies and a self-proclaimed hockey mom (whose claim to foreign relations is being the governor of the state closest to Russia) is president of the United States!

If McCain wins, I swear we'll move to Germany. Seriously, Tom and I have even talked about it.


Anonymous said...

I think it's a great move. I'm also a Clinton supporter who refuses to vote for Obama, so offering someone as interesting as Palin on the ticket helps clinch the deal for me. Four years of McCain and then we'll vote Hillary in 2012.

More than anything, I am so tired of Obama's grandiose ego. Palin is much more in touch with the people than Obama ever will be, and I think that will prove to be one of her greatest assets.

J.Hager said...

What I think people are actually responding to in Heath Ledger’s performance is mostly the way the Jocker was written and handled in the movie on top of Chris Nolan’s direction. I mean, with Christian Bale, Michael Kain, and Aaron Eckhart in the film, you’ve already got a cast of Oscar caliber actors. When you- oh wait… Sorry.

When I saw Palin for the first time, I thought, “Wow, she’s pretty hot.” I know she’s a mom and I’m not into MILF hunting, but she’s Tina Fey hot. Then they showed her shooting a machine gun with her cute glasses still on and I’m like “Damn!” I’m not into guns at all, but that was sexy-cute.

Of course this was a political move to appeal to female voters who won’t, for whatever reason, vote for Obama. Even she must see this. I wonder how that makes her feel? She’s gotta know she’s been reduced from Governor to being a tool.

For a second there, I thought, “Hey, McCain might actually pull this off.” Let’s face it, there are a lot of stupid people out there. Bush got voted in TWICE. I find out she’s a threat to Roe v. Wade and for drilling in Alaska. That’s the Republican’s base right there. Now they’re going to be as mobilized as they were for Bush. They’ve got this thing nailed.

Then I find out that she’s a creationist. WHAT THE F*&$!!! Come on! Really?!?!? Don’t get me wrong. I’m a “quiet” atheist. I don’t try to convert or argue with people (I think that atheists that do aren’t really atheists but are scared people looking for validation in the new club they joined and for safety in numbers.) I believe everyone has the right to his or her own beliefs. Most of my friends, obviously, are religious to some degree and they’re all the more beautiful for it, but if you sit across the table from me and tell me that you believe that man and dinosaurs existed at the same time, and we rode on their backs like horses or like in the Flintstones, and that plate tectonics didn’t create the Himalayas or the San Andreas fault, then you are wrong. End of discussion. What’s to vote on? Obama has my vote by default.

C N Heidelberg said...

Why don't people vote on issues anymore? I didn't care if Hillary or Obama got the nomination because if you blacked out their names you could barely tell the difference between them on issues. Politics in the US (maybe everywhere?) is based 90% on image now which makes it frustrating and kind of boring.

And I'll embarrass myself by admitting I had heard of Palin before. I am an onomastics buff, and I knew of her because she has horrifically-named children: Track (b), Bristol (g), Willow (g), Piper (g) & Trig (b). (Okay, I can accept Willow.)