Tuesday, August 05, 2008

You People Make my A*@ Twitch

Ugh! It did not take long but the Election of '08 is gearing up to be a bunch of the same ol' sh&%. (Aren't you impressed with my language? That's what 6 years of grad school gets you!)

It all started while I was surfing the net and came across the McCain ad which compares Obama to Paris Hilton. I have to say, the spot actually made me giggle as I thought to myself, "No one is actually going to take this seriously, are they?" Well some people have. Obama found it in "pour taste," and the Hilton's weren't happy either. I found it much ado about nothing.

Then McCain accused Obama of wanting to raise our taxes. Obama accused McCain of the same thing. McCain denied and it said, "I will not raise your taxes." Ouch. John those could be your famous last words. Mostly because I think there is a reality that no one wants to hear. Are you all ready . . .

No matter who becomes president, your taxes are probably going to go up.

Why is that? Because the US is TRILLIONS of dollars in debt. Dude, I am not speaking figuratively. Literally the US is TRILLIONS of dollars in debt. Do you know how many zeros that is? 12!?! In high school business class I learned that you cannot spend more money than you make. However, this basic business lesson seems to have escaped our representatives in DC.

How can the government get out of this hole? Cutting spending would be a start. I would not want to make those cuts: education, medicare, defense budget, roads and bridges. Where would you start? Bush obviously thinks he should spend more because he gave everyone $300. Way to go, fiscal responsibility. Another option might be to raise taxes, which is also not a very popular idea, especially with the country in a recession.

This is quite the pickle, eh? This is also why I don't run for public office and I cannot understand why we are talking about Obama and Paris Hilton.

There is a new movie coming out. It looks like it could be good. I.O.U.S.A.

PS Can you spot the movie references in this title? Also there was an 80's movie reference in the gardening post. If you figure it out, well, there is no prize, but I will be impressed!

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Snooker said...

Wow, the documentary looks interesting. I wonder when it will come to Europe?