Tuesday, September 23, 2008

7 Months

My dearest Christopher,

It is hard to believe but yesterday you turned 7. 7 months that is. You just keep getting bigger and bigger and there is not much that I can do about it. You weigh in at 29 inches and almost 20 pounds. You have gotten so big that we finally packed away your bassinet and had to change your stroller from the shell/lying on your back thing (I am sure it has a name; I have no idea what) to your buggy seat. Now you can watch the world go by when we take our walks.

In the past few months you have learned many things. A few weeks ago, you started army crawling. The faster you get, the more afraid I am. Yesterday you got up on your hands and knees. It was exciting for a nanosecond as you immediately fell over. This morning you were happy as a clam in your play pen as I washed the breakfast dishes. I looked over my shoulder to check on you only to find you rocking back and forth on your hands and knees. As soon as you noticed that I was staring at you, you slid back to your tummy and grinned as if to say, "What? I'm not doin' nothin'!"

Your first tooth has been a bit of a bump in the road for your usual sunny personality. I have no idea where you get your positive attitude. Must be from your dad's side of the family.

Besides your physical development, there is also an emotional development taking place. Dude, I think we finally bonded. Two weeks ago you actually started to cry when I left for work. I think my heart broke just a little. You love to show your affection by rubbing your head up against me. Although very cute, I have no idea where you learned that as we do not have a dog.

I am sure there are lots more adventures in store and I cannot wait. Please be patient with me as I am pretty much making this motherhood thing up as I go along. Somehow though, we seem to be doing alright.

Much love,
Your Mom

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