Sunday, September 28, 2008

Healthy People Suck

J and Jen were there. Mausi sipped her tea and Adam cracked jokes. When I arrived in the train station some were already there. As time passed, the usual suspects began to show up. First the Heidelbergerin and then PapaScott. A Headbanger was there as well Snook. Things really started jamming once the stroller brigade brought up the rear.

The WEB Meet-up (Whiny Expat Blogger) was a lot of fun. In a very un-Bremen like turn of events, we were blessed with beautiful weather on Saturday. I gave an abbreviated tour of my fair city and the reservations for dinner actually worked out.

What always surprises me when I meet a new blogger is how completely normal everyone is. The German skeptical the first time he met another blogger but then pleasantly surprised. You see, for us Expats, blogging is not only a life line to our friends and family so far away, but it is also a connection to community in this sometimes odd country that we live in. For many, including myself, these meet-ups are an opportunity to forget about sticking out or fitting in and a time to just to be yourself.

Almost everyone, though, exceeded my expectations. I knew that Snook would be lovely, but she was so cute and nice, I wanted to bring her home. Diane and her husband are possibly one of the best looking couples I have ever seen. Dude, even their dog was adorable! The Headbanger, he was very impressive. He had this wonderful dry wit and a booming voice that should totally be doing commercials. And the mommies (here, here, and here)!! The Dude developed some serious diaper rash on Friday and they were so friendly and helpful. What impressed me even more was how their husbands took charge of the kids so that the moms could bond. Good husbands/fathers do that.

Sadly, I did not get to say goodbye at this morning's brunch. The Bremen marathon was held this morning. Because Bremen is oh so organized, there was almost no way for the German and I to get into town. (Who runs marathons anyway?? Damn over achievers.) By the time we accepted our fate and were going to do "Park and Ride," we noticed that we would be an hour late. By that time, we would have had to turn around and go home because if the Dude does not get his nap, then there is hell to pay later. Not only could I not say goodbye, but I did not have the opportunity to show off the Dude. Trust me, he's worth seeing.

I had such fun organizing and meeting everyone, it all almost feels anti-climatic now. Time to go back to our normal programming. However, there is the hope of next year and perhaps some mini meet-ups to come. Until then there are memories of a most moist weekend. (Wink, Wink, Adam.)


Alice said...

You, the German, and the Dude were VERY missed this morning!

And, um, speaking of over-achievers ... (you, you, you) ... you did SUCH an amazing job organizing EVERYTHING!!!

Thank you ONCE AGAIN for, well, being you!


tqe / Adam said...

Claire- I don't think there is any remote possibility that any of us could thank you enough for the amazing job you did putting together this weekend.

Diane Mandy said...

Claire, thank you so much for taking such good care of us all this weekend. I had no idea what to expect, but the event and bloggers all exceeded my expectations. Thanks again for all your hard work. You're amazing!

Dr. J said...

I really would have liked to come along - I haven't joined any kind of expat blogger meetup - so I'm bummed that our holiday didn't allow for it (although the holiday was fun!).

Maybe I'll make it next time...

headbang8 said...


I echo everyone.

Love to you and yours

HB8 and MR

C N Heidelberg said...

Claire, you are Teh Awesome for putting everything together so well this weekend. Thank you sooo much for the helpful goodies and the great tour and all your planning!! We had a great time and totally love Bremen now.

Snooker said...

Oh Claire! I really wish you could have made it Sunday morning! You're right, healthy people suck!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again... you outdid yourself with the preparations for our fantastic weekend. How lovely! Thank you so much for your time and effort!

Whoever sets it up next year (in *cough* Berlin *cough) is going to have BIG shoes to fill!

Claire said...
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Claire said...

Ya'll are making me blush! It truly was fun for me to show off Bremen and I am not a saint. It was all part of my evil plan to make you come visit again.

And DrJ, if we make it to Berlin, then you should most definitly come!

christina said...

Claire for President! That is all.

No, actually I wanted to thank you for doing such a stupendous job this weekend, Claire-Dude. You trulywent above and beyond the call of duty and it couldn't have worked out better - except that we didn't get to see you again on Sunday. Wahhh! Silly marathon. I'm *totally* going to meet up with you and whoever else in Bremem again some time soon. I can get there and back with the Niedersachsen ticket for only EUR 19 so there's no excuse not to go.

Expat Traveler said...

I am so utterly jealous that I had to miss yet another meet up. But I can say that I did get my share of time seeing Christina in August! It sounds like such a cool thing to do! And that is so true, it's so much fun seeing expats and being so normal!

Sarah said...

Claire, it was really nice meeting you. I'm sorry those healthy people kept us from being able to say goodbye on Sunday morning.

You were a fabulous host. Your planning and hard work strikes terror into my heart everytime I think about the next WEBMU possibly occurring in Regensburg!

J said...

Claire, you really were the hostess with the mostess. You were totally moist!

Thanks for everything - the tour, the welcome packets and being you.

Sparky said...

GDamn Overachievers ;).