Monday, September 08, 2008

It'll Hurt You More

Some of the best news I got all week was hearing that my good blogger buddie, Jen, is expecting a wee one. After trying and a sad miscarriage, I have my fingers crossed that everything will work out for her. I am a bit worried as Jen has a tendency to freak out, for instance about childproofing. I remember this thinking, "Wow. She is on the ball. I have an infant and my house is not childproof.

The funny thing about protecting your children is that someone does not childproof the parents. When the Dude rolled off the bed I felt like a terrible parent. Isn't it my job to protect him? However, over the past few months I have learned a very important lesson. The biggest danger to our children is something we cannot protect them from . . . themselves.

I have been very protective of the Dude since his "incident." He continues to grow and explore so I think no permanent damage was done. A few weeks ago he was lying on his stomach the floor, cooing and trying to stick his stuffed bear into his mouth. The German came into the room and the Dude's face lit up. He kicked his legs and pushed himself up. Then with spectacular ease he headbutted the floor.

For a split second he looked at me and two things registered in his mind. First, damn that hurt. Second, I probably shouldn't have done that. Then . . . SCREAM. However, that split second look on his face was hysterical to me. I picked him up but was laughing the entire time. The Dude looked at me and then started laughing. Laughter through tears. The best medicine.

Well, something happened about a week ago. I think we might finally have to unpack that childproofing kit.

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Alice said...

Oh I remember those days of Bubba Joe exploring. He just turned 2 not so long ago and those exploring days have turned into jumping and climbing. It only gets more fun!!!

(Your video is no longer available ... I was looking forward to it!)