Monday, September 29, 2008

Up to my Eyeballs in $hi*

Hopefully one day I will back on this morning, laugh and remember it as "One of Those Things that Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time."

WARNING: The following post is a bit gross, but has a humorous ending.

As I mentioned yesterday, the Dude developed a serious diaper rash on Friday. I discovered it in the evening as I was getting him ready for bed. I did not look at it that closely as Jen and Sparky were visiting. In fact, I was a bit embarrassed because before I had a baby I thought that only people who were "dirty" had babies with diaper rash. I now know this to be very, VERY wrong.

Saturday morning the rash was still there and I noticed how loose the Dude's stool was. Thankfully he was going to my wonderful MIL's house for the day. If anyone could figure out the problem it my MIL. On Sunday, the rash appeared to be drying out but the not the non-stop pooping. In fact the loose stool was most definitely diarrhea by this point. The German and I agreed to see what happened in the morning before calling the doctor. We don't want to seem like hysterical parents who run to the doctor for every little thing (even if on the inside that is what we are like).

This morning, the Dude was very friendly while getting his breakfast bottle. In order to get some air on his poor little bottom, I decided to let him go commando while feeding him in his room. I just wrapped him in a towel. After eating he wanted down on the floor, so I let him crawl around while picking out his clothes for the day. POOP!

There was a distinctive sound, so I lifted the towel. He had managed a harder poop, with a runny chaser. He seemed happy with it. I left him on his bedroom floor for a minute so that I could go rinse out the towel in the bathroom. By the time I got back . . .

Oh - my - God. I had no idea that all of that could come out of a tiny baby. The diarrhea had come out the back and the Dude was crawling all over it. I first picked him up and cleaned him up a bit and then attempted to rescue my floor. I am very happy that we went for the cheap carpet in his room, as I have not seen a mess like that since I tried to feed my dog waffles when I was 7. I needed 4 towels and it is still not completely clean.

Needless to say, I took him to the doctor. My Ped is very friendly and I got an appointment for 8:30am. She gave a few scrips for some stuff to stuff him up (so to speak). When I made a joke about my carpet, she smiled.

Doctor: Yes, going diaper-less is good in theory, but done best when in a room with tiles.

Claire: [rather dryly] Yeah, I think I have learned that lesson now.

Although he is eating well and sleeping okay, I am still worried. Every time I go to change his diaper, he gives me this look like, "Really? Do you have to?" I cancelled my English lesson for this afternoon. Not only do I want to keep an eye on the Dude, but I smell a little weird.

Now, time to go read the directions on the carpet cleaner.


Alice said...

Oh Claire ... (((hugs))) but only from a distance. :)

I should have shared that I never left Henry alone while going diaper-less and that air-out time was not too long for fear of well, what you've described!!!

I hope the medicines work. And BTW - WE ARE THOSE PARENTS - the ones that go for every little thing. At least, we used to be. We're only minimally better by now.

I'm always here to help ... or at least empathize!

Rabble Rouser said...

I hope the little dude is feeling better! Just wait until the kid has explosive diarrhea and you wind up in its path. Sadly, I say this form personal experience :-)

Maria said...

First-- distance hug for you. However, I admit openly to laughing. My son has peed all over my floor...and pooped too... but thankfully we have hardwood. We're actually starting to use that method a bit for potty training. It's messy. LOL!

Oh and Weleda makes as awesome diaper creme with calendula. My midwife recommended it while we were in Germany, and I loved it. :)

christina said...

I'm really, really sorry, but I'm laughing so hard I'm afraid I'm going to fall off my chair.

Reminds me of the time one of my kids totally missed the toilet and projectile vomited ALL over our bathroom several times at 3 a.m.

I think it's fine to take him to the doc in a case like that and I'm glad they gave you something to make him feel better.

Sparky said...

All the best wishes to the little dude!!!

Since I had an embarassing accident with a carpet while having diarrhea once (and not as a baby, I am ashamed to admit!), I can really recommend "Nature's Miracle" pet cleaning products.

They soak human crapola out of a carpet just as well as they neutralize pet droppings. Try it out...