Monday, September 15, 2008

You Know How it Is

Have you ever had one of those days when you woke up and you just knew? You knew that it was not going to be your day. You just knew that . . . ugh.


Ugh about my husband's snoring and the stomach cramps that kept me awake last night.

Ugh about my normally calm, well-natured son being a complete a$* hole this morning and screaming instead of eating.

Ugh about not doing the laundry over the weekend and now not having anything to wear to work.

Just ugh.

Then I read this , and I thought about how some other people are going to have an even ugh-ier day than I.

Then I watched this, and thought damn this guy could be president.

Then I watched Tina Fey, and it made me smile and the ugh go away.


Maria said...

Tina Fey made my morning brighter too. :)

Diane Mandy said...

Wish everyone would watch this video and take note!

Rabble Rouser said...

Loved the opening sketch on SNL! Too bad it was the only funny thing in the show.

McCain was unbelievably dumb to say what he did given we live in a world of sound bytes. However, the full context of the speech is very different from just that clip. The truth is that we have 2 candidates who are each uniquely underqualified on the economy. I'd like one to come right out and say none of the social programs I'm pledging are going to happen anytime soon. Oh and you're taxes are going to go up. And you can expect to see your standard of living decrease. Now that I'd respect.

The funny thing is that there was one person who was talking about the banking and mortgage crisis all the way back to Iowa- Hillary Clinton. And the Obama camp actually mocked her for it then.

This is when I really wish there was a viable 3rd party candidate.

The German said...

Ohh my God-Please let the next administration in washinton be a little bit more qualified. I´m scared-if nobody stops it, there will be more Lehmann brothers. And please-no more lower interestrates- otherwhile the dollar Euro exchangerate will go up to 2 Dollar = 1 Euro.
But neither this interview-------ouch