Thursday, October 30, 2008


Yes, I got up this morning and downloaded the Obama commercial, infomercial, special, whatever. It was very well made and impressive. However, I am not sure that it actually changed anybody's mind. Most people have political tendencies, even if they are "independent" or "undecided."

The McCain campaign argued that it was over-the-top, however, I think that is a bit of the green eyed monster. ANY politician would love to have the opportunity to talk to the people like that. The ad was paid for with donations. I am sure that Obama donors have no problem with it, just as RNC donors probably do not have a problem with Gov. Palin's clothes.

What really got me going was the web ad below. I had the Dude in my lap and the tears started pouring. He looked at me a bit strangely and I hugged him even closer. He is the reason that I vote the way I do.


Anonymous said...

In a word, brilliant.

Regards to Matthias, Christopher, and Werder Bremen from Ireland!

tqe / Adam said...

that was awesome!

cliff1976 said...

Thanks for posting that. Made me misty, too.

The German said...

From The German
Thank to the Irish. Yes Werder has a bad time! Hope to see ya soon
Viele Grüße
The German

Snooker said...

Thanks for posting that!
What a nice feel.

Jeffrey said...

Join me!

Vote McCain and Palin!