Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A Little Worried

When I read this today, I got a little worried. And frightened.

Calling Obama a Terrorist

Hatred at McCain Rally

In Florida, Palin Goes for the Rough Stuff

McCain said that he wanted change and would not sling this kind of dirt. I believed him. Obama gives as good as he gets and is slinging it back. You could argue that at least one of the them "should be above all this." However, they both saw what happened to John Kerry when you do not defend yourself against attacks, i.e. lose an election. But after watching how the Palin and McCain are reallying getting people wound up, I am worried about how far this will go.

I was especially saddened because I do not think that McCain wants people to shout "kill him" (i.e. Obama) at his rallies. Say it ain't so, John.


Snooker said...

Well, it is the final month. There needs to be a BIG change to give one of them an advantage over the other. Unfortunately this is the only thing they can really control.

I really wish that Obama would have come up with a good idea for the financial crisis. Maybe this would have put the people more solidly behind him.

ann said...

I am keeping my nose out of all of it, but to be fair -


And there's a Facebook group
"Those who would like to sexually defile Sarah Palin"

(how those aren't hate speech, i have no idea)

And I read Heather Mallick's 5 September column before it got pulled (still up at her website).

Insisting she's not really a woman because she doesn't agree with you doesn't make any of this ok.

But be of good cheer - Obama is going to win.

Rabble Rouser said...

In a way, I would feel better if these threats of violence were only coming out of the McCain supporters since it would mean not everyone has lost their bloody minds. Unfortunately, this stuff is coming fast and furious from both sides.

I would hope that no matter who you supported, violence against another candidate would not be advocated. You couldn''t dislike someone more politically than I dislike Obama. But would I want to see him harmed? Of course not. I think people would do well to remember that behind the political construct is somebody's father, son, brother, etc. Similarly, I think the extremist groups calling for a race riot if Obama doesn't win should also be shown the door. It's fear mongering and BOTH sides are becoming guiltier by the minute.

Carrie said...

I'm seeing a lot of Obama signs popping up in yards around here- Virginia of all places, traditionally a very Republican state. Should be interetsing.