Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Still Alive

Yes, we are still here. We are all even feeling better. The antibiotics helped the Dude get back on his feet and he even slept through the night the pass few days. Last night I got to sleep without nose spray. Unfortunately, the German then got sick last week. Luckily he recovered faster than the Dude and I.

The funny thing about the baby getting sick, is that you think the World is Coming to an End. It also seems like a process that never ends. Once it is over, then it was not as half as bad as one thought. Although I don't want to have to do it again soon.

We have also spent the last few days getting over our "Election-itis." What should I do now? The Dude does keep me on my toes, but I need something else as an intellectual outlet. The Election served that purpose for awhile.

My research and novel sit neglected on my desk and I know that I have to go back to it other wise it will never get done. Also, my work with OVF may allow me to do a bit of political research. This has me very exicited as I never thought that the poli sci door would open again. But there it is.

For now though there is Thanksgiving next week and I am throwing a Bridal Shower for the New Yorker. Look for a few good cooking posts. While randomly surfing the net, I watched Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg make mashed potatoes. I wonder if Snoop Dogg would come to my house for some Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie?


J.Hager said...

Snoop Dogg might not, but I sure as hell would! WOOHOO! Pecan pei is my favorite. Never met one I didn't like. But I don't drink. Whats the proof? lol Also you could try Kahlua. Have you ever had Kahlua pumpkin pie? oooooooh (drool) You should be on Martha Stewart.

Bengbeng said...

Glad everything is better now as compared to the Stoop Post. I love the video on the stoop. So cute and adorable.

actually i feel like intruding on this personal blog of yrs. I was just surfing and ended up here and enjoyed reading the recent posts.

If I am intruding please excuse me.

J said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Carrie said...

Will the New Yorker be stealing a midget's underwear? Oh wait, that's the bachlorette party...hrm maybe you'll just settle for toilet paper bride.