Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I (heart) Jon Stewart

One of the great things about the election was that I discovered tons of nifty stuff on the internet. Unlike ABC and NBC, you can actually access current episodes from the Comedy Channel while living in Europe (damn you server blocker!). The German and I took to watching Jon Stewart while eating lunch. For 2 weeks Jon was on vacation, and we went through a bit of withdrawal.

He is back now, and one reason that I love him, is that he can laugh at everybody. Bill O'Reilly tried to argue with his lack of balance, but Jon just laughed. "Dude, this ain't a news show!"


christina said...

Jon is SO funny! The Daily Show is also on on Sunday afternoons on CNN.

lettershometoyou said...

Hi Christina... I tried to get my Stewart fix last Sunday, but couldn't find so much as a program line-up at the cnn website. Do you have a link to that?

christina said...

Hey Ian - here's a link to the CNN International programming in Europe.