Sunday, December 14, 2008

Should have Known Better

By the time you reach the age of 30 you begin making a mental list of things you "know better." Rushing through the red light when in a hurry to get to work, for example. The police will stop you every time. In my case I know better than to trying to keep the pace with the German's Soccer Team. By keeping the pace, I mean alcohol. Last night was the annual Christmas party and true to form most of the team, and several wives, got very intoxicated. I know better than to try and drink that much, but I did it anyway.

This morning my body was not very forgiving. Mercifully the Dude was at Oma and Opa's house so he did not have to witness his mother trying to stuff a turkey at 7:45am while still possibly intoxicated. Oh, did I mention that I invited over the German's family for a pre-Christmas get together? Yes, getting drunk the night before throwing a dinner party is also something I know better. But I did it anyway.

We ate at 12:30 and by then I was a bit better and could keep down some food.

This week we are flying to the U.S. The Dude will get to spend his first Christmas in sunny SC. I probably know better, but I decided not to purchase him a seat. Children under 2 fly for free if you carry them on your lap. In an effort to save money, we went this route.

Any tips on travelling with an infant?


PapaScott said...

Tip: make your husband hold Christopher for the entire flight. You carried him for 9 months by yourself, he can handle a few hours, even if he does throw up on his shoes.

At least that's how my wife explained it to me.

The German said...

Yeah got ya----Thanks

Anonymous said...

Something to suck on during take off and landing like a bottle or a paci. The swallowing helps their little ears from getting plugged. Generally babies tend to sleep. The motion seems to be soothing at that age and lulls them to sleep. Unfortunately the motion has the direct opposite effect on toddlers. But you have some time before you discover the joys of toddlerhood. Good luck.

Rabble Rouser said...

Try to get one of the bulkhead seats. That way you have the room to spread out a blanket and some toys during the flight. My friend did this when we traveled with her 9 month old and it worked like a charm.

pyjamamel said...

Best advice is to scam an upgrade. (Oh - if only this were possible, huh?!)

As a veteren of way too many long haul flights with an infant (at least 12 before he turned two why, oh why, is it so far from Germany to Australia??) and only once with an upgrade (godammit!) I've found that the bulkhead seats in economy can be problematic. On most airplanes (Boeing & Airbus) they don't have liftable armrests... and often you want to spread out more. If the Dude is under 12kg, many airlines offer special "infant" bulkheads with portable beds that fit on the wall - but, if the seatbelt sign comes on you have to remove the child.(Can be frustrating if it is a turbulant flight!)

We've always found the staff to be very good (no-one wants an upset baby on a plane!) and if there are spare seats available they often move you to where there is more room. They also often group infants together and so I've often had spontaneous playgroups form.

Pack lots of wetwipes (good for wiping down the arm rests- mine like to chew them!), and a change of clothes (if you've room for you too - sometimes things get spilt!)

But I totally agree with Anon. above. Babies tend to sleep really well on planes. I can honestly say - the younger they are the better they're to fly with.

As for toddlers... well... ;-)

Rositta said...

On all overseas flights I've been on people with babies get the bulkhead seats and they attach a carrier type bed to the wall for the little ones. Try to get these seats if you can...Merry Christmas