Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fourth Foto

After wiping the snot off the Dude's face and putting him to bed, I realized that I had not updated the blog in a week. Thank goodness that the lovely Carol tagged me for a meme, because I have had enough of the baby cold.

Now, for this meme I was supposed to go to the 4th folder on my computer and pick the fourth picture, post the picture and comment. Obviously I need to get out more, because the instructions confused me.

Are we talking the 4th folder on my "desktop" or the 4th folder under "my documents?" Do I need to pull up the hard drive list and see what is listed there? Perhaps they mean the fourth folder under "my pictures." Surely this is not supposed to be difficult.

The fourth fold under "my documents" is labeled "inlingua" and contains no pictures, just old English lesson plans. The fourth folder on my "desktop" is labeled "Chris." Now that is more like it. Here is the 4th photo.

This picture was taken when the Dude was about two weeks old. I love it because it reminds me that there was a time when he could not get around on his own and now he gets into EVERYTHING. Also, I used this picture to send out thank you notes for all of the baby gifts we received. The outfit was from the Dude's Crazy Aunt Carrie. It was so adorable and I was sad when it no longer fit him. Note that in the picture he has a peach fuzz. This hair fell out about a week later leaving him looking like Kojak for months. The hair situation is still pretty thin, but it is getting better. God, was he really that small??

Just for a laugh, the fourth picture in the fourth folder under "my pictures" is this. Creative I am not.


Carol said...

That was one of the better memes, I think. Chris is just adorable! Was then, is now! Thanks for playing!


Carrie said...

Don't feel bad- I didn't have real hair until I was 4. Ask my mother, no one ever believes me! She actually duct taped a pink bow on my head because people called me a boy and I didn't have enough hair to clip a bow in. Sad, I know.