Wednesday, January 07, 2009

In One Piece, Part II

Merry Christmas
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We made it home to Germany in one piece. It too was an odyssey that involved a late plane, missing connection, last seat on the plane, forgotten passports and lost luggage. Perhaps the vomiting was better.

The trip home was lovely, but things have been so up and down since we got back that I have not been motivated to write. But the German when back to work today and I have an English lesson tomorrow, so I guess the vacation is over. I will write more later but thought I would leave you with some be-lated Christmas cheer.

This is the Dude and my niece, Special K. They really hit it off while we were in the U.S.


Ms. Lolly said...

Geez the trip back sounds worse than the one there. I hope everything is mellowing out.

And you need to frame that picture. It is so super cute. I love her jammies :-)

Snooker said...

Happy to hear you are back safely. Take care and get that rockin' boat flowing smoothly. Then come back and tell us all about it. :)

The New Yorker said...

Great picture!